Viva Las Vegas #20: Pre-Viva Part 1


Before we headed off to Las Vegas, I did a bit of prep-work. Normally when I travel to a completely new country or area, I pick up a Lonely Planet guide and read it from cover to cover. I focus on my areas of interest: nature, walks, local and independent places to eat and interesting shopping spots. Once I’ve done this, I make a list including my better half’s picks. Then, we find the location of these places and pin them on an offline Google map – this helps us to get a feel for the area and plan places to go more efficiently. We also look on Google Maps for nearby places, checking photos and reviews to help us make decisions. Now as this was Viva, we also looked through the entire Viva schedule for our top things to do and scheduled them in too.


As an obsessive list-maker for holiday packing, I also made a detailed packing list. Not included on the list is the extra suitcase we packed for our purchases abroad!



We flew out from Gatwick airport at 11am. For the flight, I wore a very comfy vintage dress, a red Vivien of Holloway cardigan and my red Converse. I didn’t want to crush my curls during the flight so I pinned up my hair haphazardly and added this handy turban from Sarah’s Doo Wop Dos. Even though we were tired, we were so excited to finally be going to Vegas. When we landed, we got some food and headed straight to bed.



In the morning, Flo had a helicopter flight to the Grand Canyon so @darktechsupport and I headed to the arts district for brunch and mooching. I wore my Vivien of Holloway dress, black Converse and an old M&S denim jacket.


This area of Vegas is most definitely one of my favourites; it’s quieter, full of independents and pedestrian-friendly. My favourite brunch and coffee place has to be Makers and Finders – we loved it so much that we went there four times during our stay. If you’re ever in Vegas, go there!


We strolled around lots of spots, picking up some things from Buffalo Exchange and The Glam Factory. Both of us wanted to pick up some furniture from Retro Vegas but the shipping would have been a nightmare!

Once Flo got back from her epic flight, we headed out to explore The Strip. The scale of Vegas is like nothing I’ve experienced before – with the heat as well, it was not easy to walk all over the city. Unlike other places I’ve visited, Vegas doesn’t have particularly cheap or widespread public transport. Staying off-strip meant we had to take an Uber from place to place but we managed to grab a day’s bus pass for exploring the main casinos. We started off with brunch at Roxy’s Diner in The Stratosphere – the malts were so so good!


After that, we headed off to Circus Circus and watched a balancing act. Then we went to The Flamingo.

Finally, we walked around The Strip taking in some of the sights. If I’m completely honest, this part of Vegas didn’t really do it for me. It all seemed a little strange to me – I didn’t get what was drawing people in. I guess it’s a city based around money so it would be natural for it to feel really corporate – I just don’t think it was for me! Also smoking is legal indoors which I really did not enjoy (my clothes and hair reeked so much).


Back at the hotel for a bit of a breather, we had a quick change of outfit and headed to Frankie’s Tiki Room. I wore this gorgeous Collectif dress with my new-to-me bag from The Glam Factory.



I bloody loved this place! The drinks were just delicious (try a ‘Scurvy’ if you go), the atmosphere was friendly and relaxed and there were great tunes playing all evening. After only two drinks, we were quite merry so we headed back to the hotel to get some rest.


Next up on the blog – Wednesday with His Vintage Touch!

2 thoughts on “Viva Las Vegas #20: Pre-Viva Part 1

  1. Great review and post, love the photos of Vegas! 🙂 Yeah America don’t have strong smocking laws over there unfortunately! Where I live in Queensland, Aus you can’t smoke in just about any public areas now, including public beaches, sports grounds etc. Which is a great thing! 🙂


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