A Little Meet-Up with The Vintage Girl

Wallingford Feb 2017_IMG_7185.jpg

I’ll be blunt – I’m terrible at making friends. As some of you know, I have social anxiety and I’m quite awkward so that doesn’t really help! I don’t have many friends but the ones I do have are very precious to me indeed. As one of my resolutions this year was to buy less and do more, I decided to get to know some of my acquaintances a little better.

Wallingford Feb 2017_IMG_7210.jpg

I’d met Holly at the first Tiki Pin-Up meeting but it was really brief. The second time round, we actually managed to have more of a conversation. After a bit of chit-chat online, I plucked up some courage and suggested a meet-up.

Wallingford Feb 2017_IMG_7207.jpg

For our day out, I put on my beloved Collectif jacket and my new Vivien of Holloway cherry tartan circle skirt with my Dr Martens to stomp about in.

Wallingford Feb 2017_IMG_7193.jpgWallingford Feb 2017_IMG_7184.jpgWallingford Feb 2017_IMG_7199.jpgWallingford Feb 2017_IMG_7221.jpgWallingford Feb 2017_IMG_7182.jpg

In contrast to my head-to-toe repro look, Holly donned a Canterbury Tycora sweater (1950s), a 1959 Jonathan Logan dress, a Carl of New York 1947 coat, a Jane Shilton handbag, Marks and Spencer shoes, a 1940s red beret and a 1950s Coachhouse trail scarf.

Wallingford Feb 2017_IMG_7217.jpgWallingford Feb 2017_IMG_7219-2.jpgWallingford Feb 2017_IMG_7214.jpg

We ended up spending the day in Wallingford. My lovely other half @darktechsupport came along too. After getting out of our cars, we went on the hunt for tea. We came across the loveliest pottery cafe which served up the scrummiest Victoria sponge – we will be back!

Wallingford Feb 2017_IMG_7224.jpg

After that, we mooched up a storm – especially at the Lamb Arcade. Now in terms of my vintage buying, I usually go along the lines of if I like it – I buy it. Holly is incredibly knowledgable about vintage fashion (a true geek). Here are her top tips for buying vintage:

1. Know your labels.


3. Buy what you love but look ahead – invest.

Wallingford Feb 2017_IMG_7226.jpg

Holly managed to grab herself a vintage shirt and a great handbag . She even managed to find me a vintage Liberty print dress – what a bloody brilliant find!

Wallingford Feb 2017_IMG_7223.jpg

I think it’s safe to say that we’ll be meeting up again. More than the mooching and the usual vintage/pin-up natter, we had one of those proper discussions about life and it’s good to be able to talk about the heavy stuff as well as the lighter stuff with someone.

Wallingford Feb 2017_IMG_7244-2.jpg


One thought on “A Little Meet-Up with The Vintage Girl

  1. Yes it’s so wonderful to meet and make new friends through the wonderful world known as the internet/social media! You both look beautiful! xo


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