A Little London Reunion at Ethos Foods

London 03-17 Kings-girls_IMG_1356.jpg

Yesterday (4.3.17),  I headed to London to catch up with three friends I’d met during my German studies at King’s College. Since our first year of knowing each other, we’ve all graduated, travelled, married and dealt with the ups and downs of being an adult. Although we don’t get to see each other that often, it always feels happy and relaxed when we do get together.

Before Christmas, I bought this Lindy Bop skirt – I knew I had to wear it in London. I teamed it with a slash-neck from Vivien of Holloway and my firm favourite Collectif jacket. The weather was pretty bright so I added these round sunglasses.

London 03-17 Kings-girls_IMG_1363.jpgLondon 03-17 Kings-girls_IMG_1361.jpgLondon 03-17 Kings-girls_IMG_1365.jpg

En route to Oxford Street, I popped to The Revival Retro Boutique. The world and his wife seem to have  been there recently so I decided to see what all the fuss was about for myself. They had a lovely selection of vintage reproduction pieces in their bright and airy shop. I even found a fellow Viva attendee, Charlotte who I’d already met at Scarlet Rage Vintage. I may have picked something up…but it’s a surprise!

This meet-up was a special one because Mary is heading off to Berlin for a few months (and it was her  belated 30th) so we decided to celebrate with afternoon tea. The queen of organisation, Leanne suggested Ethos Foods as we all have varied diets. I’ve already posted about afternoon tea at Sketch and Pennyhill Park. Ethos Foods is different because it specialises in meat-free cuisine and their menu has options for those with special dietary requirements such as vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free and refined sugar-free.

We started off with prosecco – to celebrate of course! Then, we chose from a good selection of tea and coffee.

London 03-17 Kings-girls_IMG_1348.jpg

There were three sandwiches: guacamole, hummus and beetroot. My favourite was the guacamole.

London 03-17 Kings-girls_IMG_1351.jpg

London 03-17 Kings-girls_IMG_1349.jpg

Miniature scones came with cashew cream and rose fruit jam. I’m a clotted cream devotee but this vegan version was a delicious alternative!

London 03-17 Kings-girls_IMG_1350.jpg

Finally, we had a selection of sweet treats: a peanut butter ball, a rose cheesecake and a cupcake.

London 03-17 Kings-girls_IMG_1352.jpg

All of our needs were catered for and we walked out feeling satisfied rather than stuffed and buzzing with sugar.  Definitely worth £26 – we’ll be going back again for sure.

After all that, we headed into Soho for more tea and conversation. It was a good ending to a wonderful day. Here’s to the next one!

London 03-17 Kings-girls_IMG_1358.jpg

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