Mix & Match with Vivien Of Holloway


In one of my previous posts, I’d written about adding more staples to my wardrobe. Sometimes, neutral pieces can be a little drab and boring. However, this doesn’t always have to be the case.


As much as I’d tried to stick to solid colours to maximise my outfit options, I needed pattern and texture. I’d read somewhere that leopard print is a neutral and, as I didn’t have any, I picked up a circle skirt.


Adding to my skirt options, I also went for a tweed pencil skirt with a slight sparkle. Pencil skirts always make me feel smart and they stay put when it’s blustery outside! Apart from the sparkle, the neutral colour of this skirt makes it easy to pair with a variety of colours.


I’ve already raved about VOH slash-neck tops but I had to add this deep wine shade to my collection. Initially, I thought it wouldn’t pair well with other pieces in my wardrobe but it goes with navy, mustard, tan, green and these two skirts of course!


My big brown coat and my orange jacket are both old, vintage and perfect for autumn/winter. Mixed with these different pieces, they work together to make a cohesive capsule wardrobe.




Have a look in your wardrobe for five or six pieces that can be mixed and matched together. You might be able to find lots of capsule collections within your wardrobe! Don’t be afraid to mix eras, styles, fabrics or patterns – wear what works for you.

Thanks again to Sue Phelps Photography for these beautiful photographs. If you ever get the chance to work with Sue, do it – I promise you won’t regret it!

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