Jean Genies #1: Collectif Clothing

Collectif Jeans Navy_IMG_7162.jpg

During my teenage years, I lived in jeans – insanely wide, baggy jeans. When I started to change my style, the jeans I found on the high street were just a big no; they cut into my hips, they fitted my bum but not my waist, they clung in weird places and they just weren’t comfortable. My days of wearing jeans were over…or so I thought.

In this series of posts, I’ll be sharing brands and styles of jeans that work for me. This week, the spotlight is on Collectif.

Collectif Jeans Navy_IMG_7144.jpg

I’ve tried on a few types of jeans from Collectif but my favourite style by far is the ‘Siobhan’ jeans. The high-waisted, wide-leg shape of these jeans work perfectly on my  shape.

As described by Collectif,

Wondering what to wear with your daytime 50s tops and cardigans? Look no further- the Siobhan Jeans are here!

The perfect set of wide leg high waisted jeans, the Siobhans feature a side zip with a button to secure at your waist, as well as enough length in the leg to allow for a bit of a turn up. Made in high quality stretch denim that will cling to your curves and cinch in your waist.

Collectif Jeans Navy_IMG_7146.jpg

You can grab these jeans in black or blue denim – I have two black and one blue pair already. As well as fitting me like a dream, these jeans are incredibly comfortable and easy to move about in. At least once a week, I wear these to school as they are smart but durable.

Collectif Jeans Navy_IMG_7154.jpg

For this post, I went for a bit of a Teddy girl look which I just love! My jacket is also by Collectif (available in check or plain navy). I added my Doc Martens to finish off the outfit.

Collectif Jeans Navy_IMG_7156.jpg

You can wear whatever you like with high-waisted jeans, however I do love wearing shorter length tops with them – this one is from Tatyana (currently sold out). Cropped jumpers or cardigans would also look good with these jeans.

Collectif Jeans Navy_IMG_7179.jpg

I tried to get my hair into a slight page-boy style and added a new shade of lipstick.

Collectif Jeans Navy_IMG_7164.jpg

Collectif Jeans Navy_IMG_7161.jpg

Here are some examples of how I’ve styled these jeans for work and play.



Which brand of jeans do you love the most? How do you style yours? Let us know!

Collectif Jeans Navy_IMG_7141.jpg

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