Frankie and Gerry’s Retro Studio Part 4 – The 1950s Pink Powder Room!

This is my fourth and final post in this series. Over the last few months I have taken you through the various sets at Frankie and Gerry’s Retro Studio (Covering the 1960s lounge, 1950s kitchen, and 1950’s bedroom). Now it’s time for the 1950s bathroom. The colour scheme on this set was very similar to that of the 1950s bedroom, pastel pinks galore. So for my final outfit I chose another Glamour Bunny retro nightie in pastel blue. So here you are, the very last few shots by the ever brilliant @darktachsupport on this beautiful set. I hope you all enjoy them!








Papow and I are always looking for new and exciting places to shoot so welcome any ideas or feedback on different studios from yourselves!

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