Work-Appropriate Winter Wear with Vivien Of Holloway


My word! It feels like the Arctic outside at the moment – I’m not a happy bunny. When it’s chilly, I feel the cold A LOT which means I can struggle to get the most out of my dresses. My winter work uniform is made up of swing-style jeans with a pair of tights underneath, paired with a long-sleeve top or thermal and a thick jumper on top. Practical though it may be, it doesn’t make me feel all that fabulous. Thankfully, there are solutions to this problem!


Last year, Vivien of Holloway brought out the Laura dress:

This gorgeous Flannel dress is perfect for the cold weather. The soft wool like, medium-weight Flannel fabric will be sure to keep you cosy all season.
It can be worn with our Slash Neck Tops or a turtle-neck sweater for colder days.
It has a flattering shape with a nipped in waist and an A-line skirt.
The bodice is slashed at the front to give a dramatic effect, framed perfectly with contrasting saddle stitch.
And, of course, we all love a dress with pockets!


As a  primary school teacher, this dress is such a dream! The style allows you to wear a variety of tops underneath. Here I added a roll-neck top but I’m looking forward to adding thicker knits too. You can get a lot of wear out of it.


In terms of practicality, this dress is a good length – long enough to keep you covered and short enough not to trip on. The material keeps you warm too. Also, as previously mentioned, it has pockets (which will probably end up being filled with pens and highlighters).


I’d love to put colours like red, green or burnt orange with this dress – the dress itself is neutral so there are lots of options.


How do you make vintage style work for you in winter? Apart from a thick coat, what are your key pieces for cold weather? I love a bit of inspiration.



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