Back To Basics with Vivien Of Holloway

Winter16 Sailer Coat_IMG_6813.jpg

One of the issues I’ve always had with my wardrobe is that it’s seriously hotchpotch; I have lot of bold, patterned clothes that often clash and rarely go together. Last year (2016), I worked to remedy this by building a wardrobe of staples that I could mix and match. Flo is an expert in creating a cohesive wardrobe so I had to think like her a bit more!

Winter16 Sailer Coat_IMG_6845.jpg

My two favourite staples came in the form of a slash neck top and a circle skirt. I have a lot of patterned circle skirts and a lot of my tops are in less common colours. To make my wardrobe a little more user-friendly, I opted for ‘Flo’ colours – navy and red. With both of these pieces in my wardrobe, I had more outfit combinations to choose from.

Winter16 Sailer Coat_IMG_6816.jpg

Navy and red are such a classic colour combination and they never fail to look smart together! For this outfit, I added black boots and this gorgeous coat that I’ve previously blogged about.

Winter16 Sailer Coat_IMG_6810.jpg

I always love the quality of Vivien of Holloway clothing – they’re such a good investment. You can easily wear the top with jeans/trousers or you can pop it over the top of a dress. The skirt can be worn with a multitude of different tops – at Christmas, I teamed it with a roll-neck.

Winter16 Sailer Coat_IMG_6843.jpg

My make-up is the same as always. For my hair, I tried more of a forties look by pinning back my hair and fluffing up my fringe.

Winter16 Sailer Coat_IMG_6833.jpg

What are the foundations of your wardrobe? Which items do you always like to go back to?

Winter16 Sailer Coat_IMG_6819.jpg

Although the surroundings of these photos are particularly beautiful, it’s not nicest weather to be in without a coat! Thanks for putting up with my moaning @darktechsupport.

Winter16 Sailer Coat_IMG_6807.jpg

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