A Lock-In With Miss Victory Violet In Photos

Last night (27/1/17),  Flo and I legged it to London for an evening of shopping, mingling and glamorising. Miss Victory Violet was hosting a ‘Lock-In’ at Vivien of Holloway for eight lucky ladies, Flo and I included! For three hours, we sipped champagne, tried on lots of clothes and got to know some wonderful ladies. If you get the chance to go to one of these events, we highly recommend them!

Viv Lock-In_IMG_1158.jpg

Viv Lock-In_IMG_1157.jpg
The gorgeous Emily in daisies and the beautiful Rhina in red specs

Viv Lock-In_IMG_1163.jpgViv Lock-In_IMG_1159.jpg

Viv Lock-In_IMG_1162.jpg
Yes – that’s Flo in trousers

Viv Lock-In_IMG_1164.jpg

Viv Lock-In_IMG_1166.jpg
Rhina – the poser
Viv Lock-In_IMG_1169.jpg
The very co-ordinated Nicky
Viv Lock-In_IMG_1174.jpg
Jill – queen of black and red combos
Viv Lock-In_IMG_1175.jpg
Rachel – chief of hair and clothing pairings
Viv Lock-In_IMG_1182.jpg
Deborah – a seriously stylish brainy lady
Viv Lock-In_IMG_1171.jpg
Accessories…decisions, decisions

Viv Lock-In_IMG_1176.jpgViv Lock-In_IMG_1178.jpgViv Lock-In_IMG_1180.jpg

Viv Lock-In_IMG_1185.jpg
Flo’s bank account taking damage
Viv Lock-In_IMG_1186.jpg
Consulting with Miss Victory Violet

Viv Lock-In_IMG_1188.jpgViv Lock-In_IMG_1189.jpg

Viv Lock-In_IMG_1192.jpg
The VOH crew

Viv Lock-In_IMG_1193.jpg

Viv Lock-In_IMG_1194.jpg
Happy faces!

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