The Dress That Has It All with Collectif Clothing


My goodness it has been one chilly winter! When the weather turns that bit colder, I often panic about the options I have in my wardrobe. Usually I end up with a lovely dress or skirt swamped by a massive jumper or cardigan. After a little pre-Christmas shopping trip, I have the solution to my winter woes!


Meet the Collectif Vintage Ruby Sherwood Check Hooded Swing Dress’ – the dress that has it all. As described by Collectif:

She has a full swing skirt, long sleeves, and sleek velvet trims on the hood, pocket, and cuffs, with matching velvet covered buttons.


I feel the cold SO much so the sleeves on this dress are a huge plus and the velvet makes them feel quite luxurious. There’s also enough space for me a slip a thermal or a long-sleeve top underneath should I need it.


Pockets make it so much easier for me to fall for a dress and these pockets are proper! I can easily carry my phone, cards and some make-up in one. It makes me very happy when beautiful clothes are also practical.


As many of you know, I take a fair amount of time faffing with my hair. In winter, wind and rain are my mortal enemies – I always have to keep a scarf or umbrella on hand. Thankfully, this dress has a hood which looks very elegant with its velvet-lining.


The check-pattern also lends itself to being paired with lots of different colours. For this outfit, I teamed it with an old brown coat and boots but I’d love to bring out more of the burgundy of forest green in future looks.


Well, now you know why I think this dress has everything. I hope Collectif produce this style in block colours and different patterns too – they have it in a red check too.


Thank you to Sue Phelps Photography for yet another stunning set of images – you transformed a park near Wokingham into an enchanted forest!


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