Nautical Coat Treasure

Winter16 Sailer Coat_IMG_6803.jpg

Sometimes when you go shopping, you’re not actually looking for a particular item. Sometimes something catches your eye. Sometimes you put something on and it looks pretty darn fabulous.

Winter16 Sailer Coat_IMG_6785.jpg

This happened last year when I met up with a few vintage lovers in Hungerford. I walked into a vintage fair with my better half and this coat stared at me from the other side of the room. With a little encouragement, I tried it on and I just loved it. Then, my brain started talking to me.

Winter16 Sailer Coat_IMG_6773.jpg

Although it may not seem like it, I mentally debate a lot of my clothing purchases. Did I need another coat? What would I wear it with? Was it practical? How often would I wear it? With all this buzzing around my head, I decided to take a step back and leave the coat.

Winter16 Sailer Coat_IMG_6792.jpg

Over the next month, I ummed and ahhed over this thing; I looked for it on eBay and kept going over pros and cons with my husband. Thankfully, the coat was not out of reach – the small business at the vintage fair was also online AND the coat was still available!

Winter16 Sailer Coat_IMG_6781.jpg

Izzy of Isabel’s Retro and Vintage Clothing was so helpful and incredibly patient with me. I asked tons of questions, finally biting the bullet and buying the coat. She waited for my PayPal payment and kindly dropped it of at my mother-in-law’s house as it was near hers. Thank you Izzy – you were fab!

Winter16 Sailer Coat_IMG_6801.jpg

The Keira Nautical Swing Coat is actually a Collectif piece, which became unavailable during their recent sale and it wasn’t available when I was ordering from Izzy.

Winter16 Sailer Coat_IMG_6788.jpg

As described by Collectif,

The Keria Nautical Swing Coat is such a dream and perfect for wrapping up in gorgeous sailor inspired style this season! This swishy swing coat style features striking white contrast stripe details to the cuffs and sailor collar and a lovely belt to cinch your waist in.

Fit is true to size.

I fall between a 12 and a 14 in Collectif’s sizing. As I tried the 14 on and it fit well, that’s what I went for. The coat is seriously warm and heavy enough for winter.

Winter16 Sailer Coat_IMG_6804.jpg

You can easily sling this over any outfit. For this blog post, I wore it with a swing skirt and I’m looking forward to trying it with my swing trousers.

Winter16 Sailer Coat_IMG_6796.jpg

What’s your favourite winter coat? What do you like to wear it with?

Thanks as always to @darktechsupport for his epic photography skills – even if it was freezing!

2 thoughts on “Nautical Coat Treasure

  1. What a lovely find! My favourite winter coat was one I bought on a very bad day back in 2014.

    I’d had the worst day in the office and it was rainy and cold. I decided to go online and have a browse, never intending to buy anything.

    However when I saw my Princess coat I typed interested without a second thought. It makes me feel glamorous, the way the skirt swishes and I have to have the correct posture to keep it looking nice. I believe it dates from around the late 1940s to early 1950s and was made by Carl of New York.

    I like to think that a young woman of my age bought it with her hard earned wages as its not a coat I could imagine being given as a gift.

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