Reflections on 2016

To anyone who has taken the slightest bit of interest in our blog over the year – THANK YOU! When Flo and I started this project in 2015, it was for us – our little bit of escapism from serious professions. Over time, our blog has given us the ability to be more creative, share a little more of our personal lives, meet/work with new people and try new things. Small though it may be, we are very proud of our blog and we are grateful for any support it receives.

Now, let’s reflect on 2016!

Three Happy Moments:

  • Summer Pin-Up Road Trip – For my birthday, @darktechsupport booked a day at Frankie and Gerry’s Retro Studio. Flo came along with us on the best road trip. We went from Reading to Newcastle, finishing up in Leeds. We had the best time just hanging out together!


  • Lucy and Steve’s Wedding – I wouldn’t really have got into contact with Flo if it wasn’t for our mutual friend Lucy. We were so excited for her and her other half. Time seemed to go so quickly and November arrived in no time. The entire day was full of love and joy – we ate, drank, laughed and danced. It was a truly wonderful day.


  • Photography Sessions With @darktechsupport – My better half and I are quite different people and our interests rarely overlap. Over the year, we have spent more time together shooting for the blog and it’s been great to have a shared hobby. We help to push each  other out of our comfort zones and that’s been positive for both of us.

Viv Trousers Oct24_IMG_5950.jpg

Three Most Popular Blog Posts:


Tiki Xmas_IMG_0880.jpg


Three People I Got To Know:

  • Laila Shalimar – An illustrated pin-up of colour, writer and vintage MUAH from Perth, W.A. Although I haven’t actually met Laila, I made contact with her this year and she’s had such a positive influence on me. She speaks openly and honestly about race, religion, mental health and body acceptance. I wish I had found out about her sooner!


  • Kellycupcakex – A fellow teacher and Vivien of Holloway addict. I only met Kelly this summer and I’m really glad I’ve got to know her. She’s full of life and incredibly encouraging too. As she teaches too, I know she understands what the job entails.


  • Sue Phelps – A talented photographer based in Wokingham. Apart from my better half, Sue is the only photographer I’ve had more than one shoot with this year. She has the amazing ability to make you feel like you’ve known her for years. I’ve been over the moon with every shoot and if my mum is complimentary about the photos, they must be good. I adore her!


Three Great Events:


Salute to the 40s 2016_IMG_5701.jpg


Three Hopes For 2017:

  • I hope people will be kinder to themselves and others.
  • I hope to see greater diversity globally but particularly in the pin-up and vintage community.
  • I hope that there will be more understanding of mental illness and support for those who suffer.

Three Promises For 2017:

  • I will put a spotlight on pin-ups and vintage lovers from different backgrounds.
  • I will buy less and do more.
  • I will (try to) be kinder to myself and worry less about what  other people think.

How are you feeling about 2017? What has been brilliant for you in 2016? We love to hear from you!

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