A Well-Earned Day Out

London 12-16 Simone Kelly_IMG_0992.jpg

The autumn term is over and the Christmas holidays have finally arrived – rejoice! To celebrate this joyous occasion, I travelled to London with my fabulous friend Mone for a little retail therapy.

London 12-16 Simone Kelly_IMG_0990.jpg

Mone is a fellow teacher and she’s been a firm friend since we met during our PGCE. As mentioned in my previous post, I love it when people come into your life and change it for the better – Simone is one of those people. She’s a little cheerleader; she’s always encouraging and supporting, no matter how annoying it seems.

London 12-16 Simone Kelly_IMG_0993.jpg

On the prowl for something mulled, we started the day on the South Bank. We faffed about taking outfit pictures and took in the glorious views of the city.

London 12-16 Simone Kelly_IMG_0984.jpg

Ready to shop, we headed to Vivien of Holloway to meet Kelly. Thanks to the power of the internet, I’d managed to meet up with Kelly at the Tiki Picnic and the Vivien of Holloway Anniversary Party. It’s always good (dangerous) to meet a fellow vintage lover and Kelly never fails to make me laugh and smile. After purchasing a few items, we headed to Camden for food and mooching.

London 12-16 Simone Kelly_IMG_0998.jpg

When we got there, Mone succeeded in tracking down an important Christmas gift. To satisfy our rumbling stomachs, we wrapped our chops around some ridiculously delicious burgers from Honest Burger. Then , we fuelled up on some mulled cider and headed to Collectif.

I should never have gone in there. There was just too much stuff…it was a little overwhelming. Repeating “We are just mooching!” to myself over and over again, I ended up picking out a dress I just couldn’t say no to. Of course, my two accomplices offered me zero support and suggested I buy the dress – I did.

London 12-16 Simone Kelly_IMG_1006.jpg

London 12-16 Simone Kelly_IMG_1003.jpg

Mone tried on this little black dress, though the three of us struggled to work out what she would wear it to. I think maybe to clean the house or to go to war?

London 12-16 Simone Kelly_IMG_1007.jpg

Feeling the strain on my bank account, we headed to my favourite vintage shop in Camden – St Cyr Vintage. I really like this place because they give their clothes rough sizes so you don’t have to trawl too much and the prices are quite affordable. Having already spent far too much, I left Kelly and Mone to shop. Mone tried on a  variety of sequin dresses and I picked out a dress for Kelly. Now I pride myself on finding clothes that suit people and, needless to say, this dress was no exception. It went home with her. Mone also got a beautifully-constructed mermaid-esque dress.

London 12-16 Simone Kelly_IMG_1010.jpg

London 12-16 Simone Kelly_IMG_1011.jpg

London 12-16 Simone Kelly_IMG_1013.jpg
I am pulling this off!

With tired feet, we hopped on the tube and headed off home.

I love a good day out and shopping is much more fun when you have company. Though, I don’t think I should have one of these trips for a good few months!

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