The Reverse Bucket List 2016 – Cacao Papow

Life can be a bit pants sometimes and often, with my anxiety, I dwell on every negative moment. The great thing about life is that you meet different people and those people can help you to change your way of thinking. Flo is someone who has had such a positive impact on my life and she has little ways of perking up my down days.

Roughly around this time last year, Flo introduced me to her ‘Reverse Bucket List’. Instead of going through life with a list of everything you want to do, each year you make a list of the great things that you have done – appreciating what you’ve accomplished and enjoyed instead of worrying about what you haven’t done.

I created a list last year with my family on New Year’s Eve and I’ll be doing the same this year too. After a little discussion, Flo and I thought it would be good to share our lists on our blog too. We’ve cut our lists down to ten things each but we could easily add much more! This week is my post and Flo will share hers later.

Have a go at compiling your own annual ‘Reverse Bucket List’ – you won’t regret it, I promise.

Cacao Papow’s List

  1. I met so many of my vintage/pin-up idols: Cherry Dollface, Miss Victory Violet, Diablo Rose, October Divine, Miss Rockabilly Ruby, Vivien Wilson (Vivien of Holloway), Haili Hughes, Lucie Luella and so many more!
  2. I started a new job which radically changed my quality of life; I have much more me-time, less anxiety and I can dress like me.
  3. I have attended lots of different vintage events, making new friends, bonding with old pals and getting inspiration from new settings.
  4. I have worked with lots  of different photographers: Sue Phelps, Creativcapri, The Pin-up Academy and many others. I’ve really enjoyed my continuing work with my better half – both of us feel our skill-sets have improved.
  5. I had articles published in Onyx Vintage magazine and Vintage Life magazine. Onyx means a lot to me as I’m honoured to be featured in a publication that celebrates black and brown history.
  6. Thanks to the positive side of social media, I found out more about pin-ups of colour and vintage lovers from a range of  backgrounds.
  7. Our blogging team has spent a lot of time together eating, chatting, road-tripping, drinking and faffing about – some serious bonding has taken place.
  8. My nearest and dearest experienced huge life events – pregnancies, births, marriages and new jobs. I’m proud of all of them.
  9. I spent time with my grandma. I’ll admit it really hasn’t been easy and sometimes I feel utterly useless when I see the rest of my family despairing but I have loved every cuddle, every laugh and every smile – it’s worth the  pain.
  10. I’ve eaten and cooked a lot of delicious food with my family – soufflés with my better half, churros with my mum, teaching grandpa to only use my grandma’s masala in his curries and chocolate bread and butter pudding with my sister. Happy food memories!

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