The Middy Cut By Lucie Luella

Chez's middy cut_IMG_0856.jpg

A good hair day can seem to have the immortal power of Thor’s hammer: it can make you feel powerful, destroy your enemies and make lightning rain down from the sky (well, maybe not the last one!). Since I found wet-setting, good hair days have become more frequent and I’ve loved playing around with the shape and style of my barnet. However, I’ve been a little unsure about the cut.

When I was young, my hair nearly touched my bum and I’ve also had a jaw-length bob at uni. For vintage styling, I knew the best length was ‘the middy cut’. I’d heard Lucie Luella was the expert in them  but our schedules never seemed to be compatible. I asked Flo’s hairdresser Charmaine for her spin on the cut. As I hadn’t had a proper middy before, I didn’t have a clue about what the end result should look like. Though now I’ve had Lucie chop my locks, I can say that Charmaine’s take was amazingly close to the actual cut – I’ll be going back!

My haircut by Charmaine

A few months after my initial cut, I went to see my usual hairdresser to ask for the same but this time I ended up with more of a mullet! So from then on, I did my best to grow out my hair for a proper middy. The stars aligned and I was able to book an appointment with Lucie in mid-November – yay!

The day arrived and I hopped on the train to London bright and early (too early for make-up!). Then, the process began:

Chez's middy cut_IMG_0824.jpgChez's middy cut_IMG_0825.jpgChez's middy cut_IMG_0827.jpg

Chez's middy cut_IMG_0828.jpg
Big hair needs a great deal of back-combing!

Hula Nails, where Lucie works from in London, is such a glamorous space full of friendly and stylish members of staff. I really want to get my nails done by them now! Lucie was so friendly and full of advice – she even put up with my ridiculous selfies. Even though we were running a tad late, she didn’t skimp on the preening and polishing of my cut – a true professional. With Lucie, not only do you get a fantastic cut, you also get a suitably vintage styling session out of it too! Believe me when I say this set lasted me an entire week.

Chez's middy cut_IMG_0841.jpgChez's middy cut_IMG_0840.jpgChez's middy cut_IMG_0839.jpgChez's middy cut_IMG_0838.jpgChez's middy cut_IMG_0833.jpgChez's middy cut_IMG_0837.jpg

When I got to the salon, I bumped into the ever-beautiful @SecretPlussizeGoddess (Tanya) who was having her hair coloured strawberry-blonde. Eventually she was joined by the charming @thevintagegirl (Holly) and @somethingdefinitelyhappened (Carrie).

Chez's middy cut_IMG_0842.jpg

As the salon was female-only, Carrie kindly offered to take some photos. I think she did a fab job!

Chez's middy cut_IMG_0832.jpg

Chez's middy cut_IMG_0831.jpg

Back home, I played around with my hair and @darktechsupport took some shots too.

Chez's middy cut_IMG_0846.jpgChez's middy cut_IMG_0849.jpgChez's middy cut_IMG_0854.jpgChez's middy cut_IMG_0853.jpgChez's middy cut_IMG_0855.jpg

It’s the cut I’ve been waiting for and I bloody love it. I really cannot wait to play around with my sets and see what else I can do with my new cut! Now, I just need to check when Lucie is next down south.

Have you had a middy cut? Where’s your favourite place to get your hair cut into a vintage style? Share your photos, we’d love to see them!

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