Brilliant Blue with Sue Phelps Photography


Continuing with the shots from my latest shoot with Sue Phelps Photography, this week’s post is all about a wardrobe rediscovery.


I was very much a tomboy up until the age of 15/16: I’d spend the majority of my time in baggy black t-shirts with band names plastered on them and ridiculously wide jeans or cords. When my style began to change, I went on a bit of a spree – I bought anything I could get my hands on as a world of new shapes and colours was opened up to me. This dress was one of those buys.

I hadn’t had the opportunity to do much vintage shopping or find any vintage repro brands back then so much of my shopping was done on the high street. This dress is from Phase Eight – a sale bargain! I love the various shades of blue  and the cut of this dress. The print is subtly floral without being overly girly too. I felt a bit sad about it being left in the back of my wardrobe so I brought it back out again for some fresh air.


This dress is a little bg for me now but an elasticated belt helps to cinch in my waist nicely. I also added a petticoat for a little more ‘poofiness’.



Sometimes, rather than lusting over new clothes on the internet, I need to learn how to shop my wardrobe more – you never know what’s lurking in there!

Thanks again to Sue for such gorgeous photos, clear direction and a quirky prop collection. Now to work on the next shoot!

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