A Tiki Christmas In Photos

Earlier this year, Flo, @darktechsupport and I attended the second annual Pin-up Picnic In The Park – you can read about it here. When we heard there was going to be a Christmas meet-up on November 26th, we made sure to put the date in our diaries. Summer’s event was extremely busy, however this time round it was a little quieter, which made it much easier to mingle and chit-chat (as well as people-watch).

This post begins by looking at our outfits, then moves on to the meet-up in photos.

The Outfits

Tiki Xmas_IMG_6594.jpg

Tiki Xmas_IMG_6596.jpg

Tiki Xmas_IMG_6599.jpg
Flo’s stunning coat is from Collectif Clothing
Tiki Xmas_IMG_6601.jpg
My coat is a Windsmoor vintage piece – it makes me feel like a wizard

Tiki Xmas_IMG_6602.jpg

Tiki Xmas_IMG_6603.jpg

Tiki Xmas_IMG_6604.jpg

Tiki Xmas_IMG_6608.jpg

Tiki Xmas_IMG_6613.jpg

Tiki Xmas_IMG_6616.jpg

Tiki Xmas_IMG_6622.jpg

Tiki Xmas_IMG_6618.jpg

Tiki Xmas_IMG_6631.jpg
My dress is vintage from Frock & Roll in Reading

Tiki Xmas_IMG_6633.jpg

Tiki Xmas_IMG_6662.jpg

Tiki Xmas_IMG_6666.jpg
Flo’s dress is from Dotty and Dolly

The Event

Tiki Xmas_IMG_0878.jpg

Tiki Xmas_IMG_0880.jpg

Tiki Xmas_IMG_6636.jpg

Tiki Xmas_IMG_6647.jpg
The fabulous @victoryrollsandmixingbowls, @secretplussizegodess and @somethingdefinitelyhappened

Tiki Xmas_IMG_6645.jpg

Tiki Xmas_IMG_6644.jpg

Tiki Xmas_IMG_6643.jpg
Tiki Xmas_IMG_6650.jpg
Xmas babies!
Tiki Xmas_IMG_6657.jpg
Corset inspiration @dontletyourteagocold and her beautifully-bearded other half Ross
Tiki Xmas_IMG_6659.jpg
@thevintagegirl looking like a tiki Christmas ornament
Tiki Xmas_IMG_6660.jpg
The stunning @misslaurabill
Tiki Xmas_IMG_6670.jpg
Tiki Xmas_IMG_6671.jpg
Fellow teacher (woo!) @bintymustard

Tiki Xmas_IMG_6672.jpg

Tiki Xmas_IMG_6674.jpg

Tiki Xmas_IMG_6676.jpg
Insanely gorgeous – @sandybabydoll, @shesdynamite, @blossomsandbuttercups, @missvictoryviolet and @soda_fontaine
Tiki Xmas_IMG_6678.jpg
Sandy looked like she was perfectly wrapped up for Xmas!
Tiki Xmas_IMG_6685.jpg
Flo and I finally got to meet our major girl crush and pin-up idol Miss Victory Violet – sorry for all the fangirling!
Tiki Xmas_IMG_6689.jpg
The talented Georgia Harrup belted out some vintage tunes
Tiki Xmas_IMG_6700.jpg
I met @miss_leigh_bam who is a seriously funny and charming human being
Tiki Xmas_IMG_6703.jpg
I’ve stalked @rhina_dt on Facebook for a while. Meeting her in person was a hundred time better than I could have imagined – what a ray of sunshine!
Tiki Xmas_IMG_6709.jpg
Gorgeous ladies wearing Vivien of Holloway

Tiki Xmas_IMG_6712.jpg

Tiki Xmas_IMG_6715.jpg

Tiki Xmas_IMG_6717.jpg

Tiki Xmas_IMG_0889.jpg

Tiki Xmas_IMG_0883.jpg

Tiki Xmas_IMG_0884.jpg

Tiki Xmas_IMG_0891.jpg

Tiki Xmas_IMG_0896.jpg

Tiki Xmas_IMG_0897.jpg
Feeling very happy with my better half

Tiki Xmas_IMG_0898.jpg

Tiki Xmas_IMG_6734.jpg
Of course Flo orders a cocktail bigger than her own head

Tiki Xmas_IMG_6728.jpg

Tiki Xmas_IMG_6733.jpg

Tiki Xmas_IMG_0900.jpg
Hostess with the mostess @atomicamber and songbird Georgia

Thanks to Amber for hosting another wonderful get-together. These events have given us the opportunity to meet others from far and wide, so that we can share our love of vintage and pin-up together. All three of us can’t wait until the summer picnic!

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