Tiki Pin-Up Girl with Sue Phelps Photography


Back in the summer, I spent a fun morning with the ever-lovely Sue of Sue Phelps Photography. One of my outfit choices was this colourful Pin-Up Girl Clothing ensemble that I picked up in a sale last year. Thank goodness I did – I doubt I’d be able to afford it now with the exchange rate!


I adore this dress for several reasons:

  1. The colours remind me of a glowing sunset.
  2. It has POCKETS.
  3. The little bolero helps to make it a complete outfit.


Pin-Up Girl Clothing has always been on my shopping radar but with customs charges and some great brands at home, I only have a few pieces in my wardrobe. I really should wear them more often rather than saving them for best!


For swing style dresses and skirts, I’m usually a an L but I’m an XL for pencil styles. Depending on certain pieces, the sizing can come up either smaller or larger. Thankfully, this dress fit perfectly.


For my shoot with Sue, I added my frothy black VOH petticoat and black flats.


Rather than my usual red, I tried this deep, vibrant pink colour by Kat Von D.


As always, Sue’s images came out perfectly – I really need to organise a wintry shoot with her soon!


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