Mad Men Moment At Frankie and Gerry’s


Continuing on with the sets from Frankie and Gerry’s studio, this post is all about one of my most favourite dresses from Frock and Roll in Reading (find out more about this vintage treasure trove here).


The colours of the set and the style of the furniture gave me some serious Mad men vibes so I put together a complimentary outfit. @darktechsupport loves to make colours pop in photos so as soon as we saw the bold orange colour, we knew that blue would have to feature heavily.


I’ve had this dress for around three years and I love mixing it with these blue polka dot tights and my blue Hush Puppies shoes – they really help to create a complete look!


For hair, I kept my usual wet-set (I really need to try some other hairstyles). I made my make-up a little moodier by using Besame’s Noir Red lipstick which is so easy to use and wear.



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