Giving Pin Up Curl A Whirl!


A few weeks ago, the gorgeous Sarah Bloor of Pin Up Curl and I arranged to meet up for a bit of hair experimentation.


I’d briefly met Sarah before at Le Keux Vintage Salon for Miss Rockabilly Ruby’s hair class. Since then, I’ve followed Pin Up Curl on Facebook and Instagram. Finding hair inspiration is somewhat of an obsession for me and Sarah’s styling has been a welcome addition to my catalogue of hair wizardry! I often feel that most stylists have signature looks to their ‘dos – looking at Pin Up Curl’s portfolio, you can see softness, subtlety and styles so reminiscent of the eras from which they are best known. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity of getting some of her styling magic into my hair!


My favourite human, @darktechsupport, and I set off early in the morning on a road trip to the Pin Up Curl residence in Derby. When we got there, we were greeted with smiles, cats and hot drinks – then it was straight down to hair business.

Here’s the process in pictures:


Sarah worked meticulously on every tiny hair. Having done vintage styles on my own hair for well over a year, I could see how her styling was completely another level above mine! She sculpted, shaped and smoothed my hair into a neat little ‘do. Not only that but her pin-curling stayed strong for a few days after.

Pin Up Curl also has a range of hair accessories to compliment your vintage-inspired hairstyle – these range from hair-flowers for everyday wear to elegant birdcage veils. I think my favourite from the day was the bold red flower.


Thank you Pin Up Curl for giving me some vintage hair gorgeousness on the last weekend of half term!


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