Brilliant Blue with Sue Phelps Photography


Continuing with the shots from my latest shoot with Sue Phelps Photography, this week’s post is all about a wardrobe rediscovery.


I was very much a tomboy up until the age of 15/16: I’d spend the majority of my time in baggy black t-shirts with band names plastered on them and ridiculously wide jeans or cords. When my style began to change, I went on a bit of a spree – I bought anything I could get my hands on as a world of new shapes and colours was opened up to me. This dress was one of those buys.

I hadn’t had the opportunity to do much vintage shopping or find any vintage repro brands back then so much of my shopping was done on the high street. This dress is from Phase Eight – a sale bargain! I love the various shades of blue¬† and the cut of this dress. The print is subtly floral without being overly girly too. I felt a bit sad about it being left in the back of my wardrobe so I brought it back out again for some fresh air.


This dress is a little bg for me now but an elasticated belt helps to cinch in my waist nicely. I also added a petticoat for a little more ‘poofiness’.



Sometimes, rather than lusting over new clothes on the internet, I need to learn how to shop my wardrobe more – you never know what’s lurking in there!

Thanks again to Sue for such gorgeous photos, clear direction and a quirky prop collection. Now to work on the next shoot!

A Tiki Christmas In Photos

Earlier this year, Flo, @darktechsupport and I attended the second annual Pin-up Picnic In The Park – you can read about it here. When we heard there was going to be a Christmas meet-up on November 26th, we made sure to put the date in our diaries. Summer’s event was extremely busy, however this time round it was a little quieter, which made it much easier to mingle and chit-chat (as well as people-watch).

This post begins by looking at our outfits, then moves on to the meet-up in photos.

The Outfits

Tiki Xmas_IMG_6594.jpg

Tiki Xmas_IMG_6596.jpg

Tiki Xmas_IMG_6599.jpg
Flo’s stunning coat is from Collectif Clothing
Tiki Xmas_IMG_6601.jpg
My coat is a Windsmoor vintage piece – it makes me feel like a wizard

Tiki Xmas_IMG_6602.jpg

Tiki Xmas_IMG_6603.jpg

Tiki Xmas_IMG_6604.jpg

Tiki Xmas_IMG_6608.jpg

Tiki Xmas_IMG_6613.jpg

Tiki Xmas_IMG_6616.jpg

Tiki Xmas_IMG_6622.jpg

Tiki Xmas_IMG_6618.jpg

Tiki Xmas_IMG_6631.jpg
My dress is vintage from Frock & Roll in Reading

Tiki Xmas_IMG_6633.jpg

Tiki Xmas_IMG_6662.jpg

Tiki Xmas_IMG_6666.jpg
Flo’s dress is from Dotty and Dolly

The Event

Tiki Xmas_IMG_0878.jpg

Tiki Xmas_IMG_0880.jpg

Tiki Xmas_IMG_6636.jpg

Tiki Xmas_IMG_6647.jpg
The fabulous @victoryrollsandmixingbowls, @secretplussizegodess and @somethingdefinitelyhappened

Tiki Xmas_IMG_6645.jpg

Tiki Xmas_IMG_6644.jpg

Tiki Xmas_IMG_6643.jpg
Tiki Xmas_IMG_6650.jpg
Xmas babies!
Tiki Xmas_IMG_6657.jpg
Corset inspiration @dontletyourteagocold and her beautifully-bearded other half Ross
Tiki Xmas_IMG_6659.jpg
@thevintagegirl looking like a tiki Christmas ornament
Tiki Xmas_IMG_6660.jpg
The stunning @misslaurabill
Tiki Xmas_IMG_6670.jpg
Tiki Xmas_IMG_6671.jpg
Fellow teacher (woo!) @bintymustard

Tiki Xmas_IMG_6672.jpg

Tiki Xmas_IMG_6674.jpg

Tiki Xmas_IMG_6676.jpg
Insanely gorgeous – @sandybabydoll, @shesdynamite, @blossomsandbuttercups, @missvictoryviolet and @soda_fontaine
Tiki Xmas_IMG_6678.jpg
Sandy looked like she was perfectly wrapped up for Xmas!
Tiki Xmas_IMG_6685.jpg
Flo and I finally got to meet our major girl crush and pin-up idol Miss Victory Violet – sorry for all the fangirling!
Tiki Xmas_IMG_6689.jpg
The talented Georgia Harrup belted out some vintage tunes
Tiki Xmas_IMG_6700.jpg
I met @miss_leigh_bam who is a seriously funny and charming human being
Tiki Xmas_IMG_6703.jpg
I’ve stalked @rhina_dt on Facebook for a while. Meeting her in person was a hundred time better than I could have imagined – what a ray of sunshine!
Tiki Xmas_IMG_6709.jpg
Gorgeous ladies wearing Vivien of Holloway

Tiki Xmas_IMG_6712.jpg

Tiki Xmas_IMG_6715.jpg

Tiki Xmas_IMG_6717.jpg

Tiki Xmas_IMG_0889.jpg

Tiki Xmas_IMG_0883.jpg

Tiki Xmas_IMG_0884.jpg

Tiki Xmas_IMG_0891.jpg

Tiki Xmas_IMG_0896.jpg

Tiki Xmas_IMG_0897.jpg
Feeling very happy with my better half

Tiki Xmas_IMG_0898.jpg

Tiki Xmas_IMG_6734.jpg
Of course Flo orders a cocktail bigger than her own head

Tiki Xmas_IMG_6728.jpg

Tiki Xmas_IMG_6733.jpg

Tiki Xmas_IMG_0900.jpg
Hostess with the mostess @atomicamber and songbird Georgia

Thanks to Amber for hosting another wonderful get-together. These events have given us the opportunity to meet others from far and wide, so that we can share our love of vintage and pin-up together. All three of us can’t wait until the summer picnic!

Tiki Pin-Up Girl with Sue Phelps Photography


Back in the summer, I spent a fun morning with the ever-lovely Sue of Sue Phelps Photography. One of my outfit choices was this colourful Pin-Up Girl Clothing ensemble that I picked up in a sale last year. Thank goodness I did – I doubt I’d be able to afford it now with the exchange rate!


I adore this dress for several reasons:

  1. The colours remind me of a glowing sunset.
  2. It has POCKETS.
  3. The little bolero helps to make it a complete outfit.


Pin-Up Girl Clothing has always been on my shopping radar but with customs charges and some great brands at home, I only have a few pieces in my wardrobe. I really should wear them more often rather than saving them for best!


For swing style dresses and skirts, I’m usually a an L but I’m an XL for pencil styles. Depending on certain pieces, the sizing can come up either smaller or larger. Thankfully, this dress fit perfectly.


For my shoot with Sue, I added my frothy black VOH petticoat and black flats.


Rather than my usual red, I tried this deep, vibrant pink colour by Kat Von D.


As always, Sue’s images came out perfectly – I really need to organise a wintry shoot with her soon!


Retro Festival 2016 In Photos

Last year, Flo was lucky enough to attend Retro Festival with her hairdresser extraordinaire Charmaine – you can read about it here.

After rave reviews, @darktechsupport and I had to tag along! Here’s what we got up to…

Vintage Air Show


A little light reading
Beth of Flamin’ Star Clothing – wonderful woman!
Meeting Nadine and Emma from Most Marvellous Meet-Ups
One of the many ridiculously cute dogs!
Ladies getting their hair done
Frying in the sun together


Love a vintage carousel ride!


Tea and cake is always necessary


Yeah, she’s a gorgeous pin-up wifey


Flo’s dress is from Dolly and Dotty


My dress is from Collectif Clothing


Charmaine’s dress is from Lindy Bop


We all officially had an awesome time and we WILL be back next year! Thanks to the wonderful @darktechsupport for his amazing photography skills as always. Have any of you been to Retro Festival? What did you think of it? Should we bring a dog with us next time?

Mad Men Moment At Frankie and Gerry’s


Continuing on with the sets from Frankie and Gerry’s studio, this post is all about one of my most favourite dresses from Frock and Roll in Reading (find out more about this vintage treasure trove here).


The colours of the set and the style of the furniture gave me some serious Mad men vibes so I put together a complimentary outfit. @darktechsupport loves to make colours pop in photos so as soon as we saw the bold orange colour, we knew that blue would have to feature heavily.


I’ve had this dress for around three years and I love mixing it with these blue polka dot tights and my blue Hush Puppies shoes – they really help to create a complete look!


For hair, I kept my usual wet-set (I really need to try some other hairstyles). I made my make-up a little moodier by using Besame’s Noir Red lipstick which is so easy to use and wear.



She Wears The Trousers #2 with Vivien Of Holloway

Viv Trousers Oct24_IMG_5934.jpg

For the next post in my ‘She Wears The Trousers’ series, I continue with my spotlight on Vivien of Holloway. This week,¬† I’m looking at their pedal pushers.

Viv Trousers Oct24_IMG_5955.jpg

In the past, I stayed away from slimmer-fitting trousers as I was conscious that my thighs looked disproportionately larger than my calves. Now though, I honestly couldn’t less! I got these pedal pushers at the same time that I got my soft 40s trousers – again it was Marie’s suggestion and what a great suggestion it was.

Viv Trousers Oct24_IMG_5907.jpg

These pedal pushers have definitely got a more casual feel to them in comparison to the 40s trousers. They’re great for when I’m teaching as I can move about in them really easily and dress them up after work.

Viv Trousers Oct24_IMG_5873.jpg

As described by VOH,

Slightly re-modelled and in authentic fabrics, our Pedal Pushers are back! With our trademark high-waist, a rivet button and side zip, and with a delicate side slit at the ankle, these gorgeous slimline pants are wonderfully flattering- making the most of your curves!

Viv Trousers Oct24_IMG_5928.jpg

I love the purple colour of these. Sensible-me would normally go for black or navy but I thought I’d try something a little different. I will definitely by grabbing these in other colours too though! Purple looks great with neutrals like black, white, grey and tan. Red, green and gold are also gorgeous colours to pair with it too.

For this post, I added a red VOH slash-neck top, a hand-made vintage cardigan and a red beret. I felt pretty fabulous in this ensemble!

Viv Trousers Oct24_IMG_5860.jpg

Hair and make-up consisted of my usual combination of wet-set, Kat Von D eyeliner and liquid lipstick in ‘Outlaw’.

Viv Trousers Oct24_IMG_5943.jpgViv Trousers Oct24_IMG_5944.jpg

Viv Trousers Oct24_IMG_5870.jpg

Have you tried out any pedal pushers? How do you style them? We’d love to see!

What’s Cookin’ At Frankie and Gerry’s?

This summer, Flo, @darktechsupport and I had a mega pin-up/vintage road trip. It all began in Newcastle at Frankie and Gerry’s studio. Flo has already shared one of her sets with you – you can read about it here.

In this post, I’ll be sharing my favourite photographs from the kitchen set. Unfortunately, the dress I’m wearing in these images has gone out of production but you can find similar styles at Vivien of Holloway, Lindy Bop or Dolly and Dotty.


Giving Pin Up Curl A Whirl!


A few weeks ago, the gorgeous Sarah Bloor of Pin Up Curl and I arranged to meet up for a bit of hair experimentation.


I’d briefly met Sarah before at Le Keux Vintage Salon for Miss Rockabilly Ruby’s hair class. Since then, I’ve followed Pin Up Curl on Facebook and Instagram. Finding hair inspiration is somewhat of an obsession for me and Sarah’s styling has been a welcome addition to my catalogue of hair wizardry! I often feel that most stylists have signature looks to their ‘dos – looking at Pin Up Curl’s portfolio, you can see softness, subtlety and styles so reminiscent of the eras from which they are best known. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity of getting some of her styling magic into my hair!


My favourite human, @darktechsupport, and I set off early in the morning on a road trip to the Pin Up Curl residence in Derby. When we got there, we were greeted with smiles, cats and hot drinks – then it was straight down to hair business.

Here’s the process in pictures:


Sarah worked meticulously on every tiny hair. Having done vintage styles on my own hair for well over a year, I could see how her styling was completely another level above mine! She sculpted, shaped and smoothed my hair into a neat little ‘do. Not only that but her pin-curling stayed strong for a few days after.

Pin Up Curl also has a range of hair accessories to compliment your vintage-inspired hairstyle – these range from hair-flowers for everyday wear to elegant birdcage veils. I think my favourite from the day was the bold red flower.


Thank you Pin Up Curl for giving me some vintage hair gorgeousness on the last weekend of half term!