She Wears The Trousers #1 with Vivien of Holloway

Viv Trousers Oct15_IMG_5832.jpg

As you may already know, I’ve had a lot of trouble with trousers. However, changing jobs this year has given me a little more time to explore outfit options. Having chucked out my ancient ill-fitting work trousers, I needed to look for a few new pairs that would go with my aesthetic and fit me like a glove.

Viv Trousers Oct15_IMG_5849.jpg


Now, I’ve tried on trousers from Vivien of Holloway before and I basically resigned myself to the fact that they just didn’t look right on me. Then on a summer break trip to the shop, the ever-lovely Marie suggested that I try the ‘soft’ 1940s trousers. Feeling sceptical, I put them on in the belief that they just wouldn’t work on me. Unfortunately, I didn’t get my ‘I  told you so’ moment because they fit perfectly! Marie – I swear I won’t doubt you again.

Viv Trousers Oct15_IMG_5784.jpg

As described by VOH,

Calling all hep-kittens!
These are our signature 1940s Trousers, which have been a real favourite with our customers for years. Based on an original WWII pattern, these super slacks feature an authentic long rise and high waist, cuffs, four side buttons and a little patch pocket.
Glamourpuss or girl next door, everyone can be a vintage vixen in a pair of these flattering trousers.

These trousers come in a variety of colours – I opted for trusty black but I also have my eye on the claret and the caramel colours too. These trousers are so easy to wear – they’re definitely a wardrobe staple.

Viv Trousers Oct15_IMG_5799.jpg

For this post, I thought I’d pair these trousers with a gorgeous green-striped VOH slash-neck top. This outfit would be perfect for work or play. I accessorised it with a green beret and my comfy black Converse.

Viv Trousers Oct15_IMG_5833.jpgViv Trousers Oct15_IMG_5837.jpgViv Trousers Oct15_IMG_5797.jpg

Feeling a little lazy, I just let me hair down for this shoot – I think I prefer my wet-sets but it’s good to try different things. Keeping things autumnal, I went for a dark lip with Kat Von D’s Damned liquid lipstick.

Viv Trousers Oct15_IMG_5812.jpgViv Trousers Oct15_IMG_5807.jpgViv Trousers Oct15_IMG_5811.jpg

Keep an eye out for the next few ‘She Wears The Trousers’ posts. Which trousers would you recommend? Have you found your perfect fit yet?

Thanks as always to the fabulous @darktechsupport for these beautiful photos!

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