Subtle Gothic Glam With Vivien of Holloway

Loz's 30th_IMG_0682.jpg

This weekend was the celebration of @darktechsupport‘s and my best woman’s 30th birthday. We had a fabulous time at Cafe de Paris London, where we saw the most exciting and hilarious cabaret. Such a glamorous place needed a glamorous outfit – as always, Vivien of Holloway had the answer.

Loz's 30th_IMG_0689.jpg

The Luxury Champagne Black Lace Halterneck dress as described by VOH:

This beautiful gown is fashioned from our favourite high-quality acetate satin, overlaid with an even more beautiful black Lace.

The classic Vivien of Holloway cut promises to sculpt your silhouette into that of a wasp-waisted bombshell, with uplifted bust and flattering halterneck.

I bought this dress years ago and I’ve worn it a few times – it never fails to get a compliment or two! It’s super comfortable to wear too!

Loz's 30th_IMG_0681.jpg

For a long day out in London, I teamed it up with black tights, patent brogues, a black bolero and a cropped leather jacket.

Loz's 30th_IMG_0666.jpg

I wet-set my hair the evening before and did my usual brush-out. During the day, I did my usual base with thick eyeliner flicks, then I added Kat Von D’s ‘Damned’ liquid lipstick for the evening.

Loz's 30th_IMG_0680.jpg

Loz's 30th_IMG_0696.jpg

Loz's 30th_IMG_0676.jpg

Loz's 30th_IMG_0677.jpg

Loz's 30th_IMG_0690.jpg

What’s your go-to outfit for instant glamour? I love being inspired by other people’s style!

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