You Can Do It…How to Rock the Voodoo Monkey Retro Landgirl Headscarf Like a Wonderful Wartime Woman!

At the start of August Papow and I attended Retro Festival at Newbury Showground. I have shared my love for this event with you all in the past. I love the festival as much for its music, classic cars and vintage fairground as much as I do for its shopping opportunities. I always leave with a much lighter purse. What thrills me most about this particular festival is the smaller independent traders that you get to meet, many of which sell handmade vintage-inspired handbags, clothes and accessories that you have never come across before online.

One such trader that I fell head over heals in love with this year was Voodoo Monkey Retro…and more importantly their landgirl headscarves.

As you all know I am an absolute sucker for a hair scarf or bandana. I have a HUGE collection. I even make my own! I love the fact that you can tie them in a number of ways and wear them alongside a wide range of different hair styles from beehives and victory rolls to plain old pony tails and they instantly add a touch of vintage or ‘rockabilly chic’ to your look.

The Voodoo Monkey Retro landgirl headscarf, however was something even this head scarf queen had never come across before! As you can see it is definitely a little strange to look at but I absolutely promise you that this little creation is a work of art. The Voodoo Monkey Retro team were absolutely lovely, and provided me with a full set of instructions on how to create the land girl look using their product. I am glad that I purchased it in 4 different fabrics because I have quite literally lived in them over the past four weeks.


These landgirl headscarves are not only mega simple to put on…but for girls prone to frizzy hair attacks on a humid or rainy day they are perfect for covering most of your mop! All you need to worry about is styling the very front of your hair and you are good to go! Since I am seriously lusting over this headscarf right now I decided it would be a fantastic idea to show you guys how they work. Trust me, you will be wanting to go out and grab one (or two or three) yourselves and join me in sporting this magnificent hair piece!

Step 1: Fix and prepare the front of your hair (for example into a victory roll) and then tie the rest of your hair into a bun at the back of your head.

Step 2: Place the elasticated piece of the headscarf behind this victory roll and secure at the side of your head with a bobby pin on each side.

Step 3: Wrap the ‘trouser legs’ around to the back of your head (making sure all of the hair in your bun is tucked underneath).

Step 4: Twist the ‘trouser legs’ clockwise in the naive of the neck. Continue to wrap the ‘trouser legs’ until the scarf feels tight.

Step 5: Bring the trouser legs up around the side of the head.

Step 6: Repeat this on both sides so that the trouser legs meet at the top of your head.

Step 7: Tie the trouser legs into a bow at the top of your head just behind the elasticated piece.

Step 8: Straighten out the sides of the scarf so that they sit nice and flat.

Step 9: Secure into place with any extra bobby pins if needed (although I find that if you wrap the trouser legs tight enough in step 4 this is often not necessary).

And there you have it; how to transform this strange-looking piece into a true landgirl look in a matter of minutes!

Obviously I went for my trademark red and blue designs but rest assured the landgirl headscarf is available in a wide range of colours and designs from Voodoo Monkey Retro. My good friend and hairdresser Charmaine (of Charmaine’s Hair and Beauty) snapped them up in traditional landgirl green as well as several floral designs.

So whether you are chilling at home, and want to put your hair up out-of-the-way in a matter of minutes, or are wanting to simply add a touch of landgirl to your vintage outfits ladies…the landgirl headscarf will be right up your street and I highly recommend heading over to the Voodoo Monkey Retro website or contacting Bob White to get your hands on some before I buy them all!


As always I would love to hear your feedback on my posts, I hope you have found this useful. Papow and I spend literally hours studying hair styles on Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest as well as in vintage hair styling books and magazines. If any of you have anything you think we would like to try…we would love to hear all about it!


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