Who Wears Short Shorts? Cacao Papow does!

Short shorts_IMG_5208.jpg

Shorts once filled me with dread. I remember doing cross-country at school and constantly panicking as they rode up my thighs every few strides. I remember dodgy-looking crotches and my hips being squished. I remember  wearing jeans on boiling-hot days because I was worried about what people would think of me in shorts. Thankfully, my mindset has now changed!

I got these shorts during the Collectif sale. They were definitely an impulse buy as they were less than half price at the time (currently sold out). I was amazed that they actually fit, when I tried them on . These shorts are high-waisted with a front zip and they are made from stretch denim. Although the denim is stretchy enough to allow flexibility and movement, it also has enough structure to hold me in where I need it.

Short shorts_IMG_5197.jpg

I kept this look casual by teaming my shorts with a cherry Tatyana cropped blouse (currently unavailable) and raspberry-coloured Converse.

Short shorts_IMG_5213.jpg

For hair, I brushed-out my wet-set and added bumper bangs. I added a slick of Kat Von D’s Nosferatu liquid lipstick for a touch of colour.

Sometimes I think I need to worry less about what people think and wear what makes me happy! Which items of clothing have you changed your mind about?

Short shorts_IMG_5226.jpg

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