Salute To The Forties With Vivien Of Holloway

Salute to the 40s 2016_IMG_5726.jpg

Last year, I was lucky enough to attend Salute To The Forties with my blogging partner, Flo – you can read about it here.

We had such a blast that we decided to head back again this year. Unfortunately for me, Flo was busy geeking out at home as she was starting a new job the next day (congrats love!). Luckily, my better half was more than happy to come along.

This post begins by looking at our outfits, then moves on to Salute To The Forties in photos.

The Outfits

Salute to the 40s 2016_IMG_5687.jpg

I’ve previously blogged about the Peggy Lee dress by Vivien of Holloway – you can read about it here. I love the construction and design of this dress so much that I had to have another one!

Salute to the 40s 2016_IMG_5613.jpg

The nautical print of this dress was perfect for the setting of Salute To The Forties – Chatham Dockyards, where there were boats and anchors a plenty.


Salute to the 40s 2016_IMG_5693.jpg

Small red and white anchors over a navy background make this dress a real nautical staple. The white anchors also compliment the white pocket and collar detailing on the dress. This dress is my usual size 16 and it fits like a dream – if in doubt, be sure to check your measurements or ask the very helpful VOH team.

Salute to the 40s 2016_IMG_5633.jpg

Pockets always make life better and the pockets on this dress are nice and roomy; you can easily fit in a phone, a small purse, lipstick and a powder compact.


What I love the most about the Peggy Lee is how it can be both casual and dressy. For a day of walking around, I decided to add comfy red Converse and a cropped red Sainsbury’s cardigan to keep the chill off. However, I could easily dress this up with red seamed stockings, red heels and a little navy cape – that’ll be for a less active day though!

Salute to the 40s 2016_IMG_5596.jpg

Salute to the 40s 2016_IMG_5591.jpg

For hair and make-up, I just did my usual combination of a brushed out wet-set with Kat von D’s Tattoo eyeliner and Outlaw liquid lipstick (now available in the UK – yay!).

Salute to the 40s 2016_IMG_5619.jpg

Salute to the 40s 2016_IMG_5680.jpg

Salute to the 40s 2016_IMG_5617.jpg

@darktechsupport got into the spirit of things too, putting together a subtly nautical-inspired outfit. The cream shirt and navy-blue corduroy trousers are from M&S and the knitted waistcoat is vintage. I think he looked pretty darn good!

Salute to the 40s 2016_IMG_5645.jpg

Salute to the 40s 2016_IMG_5752.jpg

Salute to the 40s 2016_IMG_5717.jpg

The Event

I loved Salute To The Forties the first time round and I’m so glad I was able to go again! This was my husband’s first time at Chatham and he thoroughly enjoyed it. Not only is the setting of Chatham dockyard gorgeously authentic-looking, but the event itself has such a friendly atmosphere. There is no snobbery or dress codes – whether you’re a full time vintage queen or a casual creature, I guarantee you’ll feel totally at ease. Also, the dockyards are easily accessible; there’s no need to worry about mud, footwear or picnic blankets and there is ramp access everywhere. There are lots of vintage and repro shops and, for those who aren’t that fussed about shopping, there are plenty of attractions and activities to see and do. We can’t wait to return next year with Flo too!

Salute to the 40s 2016_IMG_5727.jpgSalute to the 40s 2016_IMG_5735-Pano.jpgSalute to the 40s 2016_IMG_5701.jpgSalute to the 40s 2016_IMG_5704.jpgSalute to the 40s 2016_IMG_5699.jpgSalute to the 40s 2016_IMG_5710.jpgSalute to the 40s 2016_IMG_5709.jpgSalute to the 40s 2016_IMG_5707.jpgSalute to the 40s 2016_IMG_0602.jpgSalute to the 40s 2016_IMG_5741.jpgSalute to the 40s 2016_IMG_5742.jpgSalute to the 40s 2016_IMG_5744.jpgSalute to the 40s 2016_IMG_5712.jpgSalute to the 40s 2016_IMG_0592.jpgSalute to the 40s 2016_IMG_5654.jpgSalute to the 40s 2016_IMG_5666.jpgSalute to the 40s 2016_IMG_0588.jpgSalute to the 40s 2016_IMG_5656.jpgSalute to the 40s 2016_IMG_0604.jpgSalute to the 40s 2016_IMG_5756.jpgSalute to the 40s 2016_IMG_5762.jpgSalute to the 40s 2016_IMG_5746.jpg

Salute to the 40s 2016_IMG_5748.jpg
The ever-lovely Hettie Sky – the most adorable land girl I know!

Salute to the 40s 2016_IMG_5776.jpgSalute to the 40s 2016_IMG_0607.jpg

Thanks as always to fantastic photographer @darktechsupport – you really captured the spirit of the day!

Have you been to Salute To The Forties? What did you think of it? We’d love to hear your opinions!

Keen As Mustard


Just over a year ago, I was wandering around the Haight and Ashbury area of San Francisco. While I was there, I was able to visit Tatyana Boutique (it was magical). There were so many pieces I could have taken home but I ended up with four purchases, one of which was the Four Anchors Mustard Bowling dress.


There are several reasons why I love this dress. Firstly, it doesn’t feel too dressy; often pin-up style clothing can seem a little over the top but I could happily wear this at school. Detailing in this dress is wonderful: there are pleats on the sleeves, sleeve tie-backs, an anchor on the back, front pockets, skirt pockets and a sturdy belt. The colour is great for all seasons and can be paired up with different colours and accessories.


As the weather was pretty grim, I wore my trust brown boots with burgundy tights. To keep the chill off, I added a cropped leather jacket.




For hair, I rolled my fringe into bumper bangs and kept tight curls at the back of my head. I kept make-up minimal by powdering my face and adding a slick of dark rust liquid lipstick.


Sadly, this dress is currently out of stock but you can find it on eBay and some swap/sell groups. If Tatyana bring out any more dresses in the style, I will definitely be making more purchases. Do you own any Tatyana  pieces? What other styles would you recommend?


Thanks again to @darktechsupport for these gorgeous photos!

Mexicana Dream Print with Sue Phelps Photography

eChereeka_bracknell58The summer holidays have come to an end and Retrofestival seems like a distant memory – I do have a little souvenir to cheer me up though.

Chereeka_bracknell44At Retrofest, I happened across the Flamin’ Star Clothing stall. I’d never heard of this company before and I really wish I had! Originally we went in to look for some menswear for my better half (we did find something for him!) but then something caught my eye…

Chereeka_bracknell56The print of my dreams on a single circle skirt – the only one of its kind left. I was adamant I wouldn’t buy anything that day but of course this last skirt was in my size and it was telling me to buy it. I did and I have absolutely no regrets.

Chereeka_bracknell53Why do I love the print so much? Firstly,  the colours are so bold and vibrant. Also the variety of colours gives you so many top and accessory options. Chillies add more magic to the print as I LOVE hot and spicy food. I have never been to Mexico but this print really makes me want to go there!

Chereeka_bracknell62Beth from Flamin’ Star was an absolute darling – she even gave us lots of tips for our upcoming trip to Las Vegas. If you’re going to any vintage festivals or events, be sure to visit her stall.

Chereeka_bracknell63I know I’ll be wearing this skirt for Viva 20 but I had to take it out for a whirl during my shoot with Sue. I kept the look simple with a pink bardot top, poofy black petticoat, black heels and a bright hair flower.

Chereeka_bracknell51Chereeka_bracknell50I love this look so much and I can wait to play round with other colours and looks. Do you have a favourite print? What makes an amazing print? Let us know!

Thanks again to the talented Sue Phelps Photography for another wonderful shoot – who knew you could make Bracknell so glamorous? Keep an eye out for more blog posts featuring Sue’s beautiful images.

The Vivien Of Holloway 7 Year Anniversary Party In Photos

On Friday 2nd September 2016, a fantastic tiki shindig took place at Nambucca to celebrate the 7th anniversary of Vivien of Holloway’s Holloway road shop. Unfortunately, Flo had to work but I had my better half to keep me company. Honestly, it was the most fun and entertaining night – I’ll definitely be going to the next one (and taking Flo with me)! I loved meeting lots of gorgeous and friendly people, who obviously shared my love of fabulous frocks. Thank you to anyone who took the time to talk or boogie with us!

Getting ready with @darktechsupport
Pre-party excitement
Arrival at Nambucca
He loves getting his picture taken…
Watching the dance teachers practise – they were magical!
Amazing fire-show by Rosy Apples
Flames everywhere
Playing with fire
The Fuzillis
Singing a song all about me – ‘Big Feet’
Never a dull moment
‘Ungawa’ – still don’t know what it means
On stage with many babes and the band
Kitty collector, Art teacher extraordinaire and dancing queen – Kelly
Me in my old VOH Hibiscus dress
Gorgeous gals and fellow people-watchers
This is how we do the last Friday of the summer holidays
VOH crew
Kelly and I with Lindy
Pictured with the queen herself
Fangirling! Thanks for an awesome night Vivien xxx

Who Wears Short Shorts? Cacao Papow does!

Short shorts_IMG_5208.jpg

Shorts once filled me with dread. I remember doing cross-country at school and constantly panicking as they rode up my thighs every few strides. I remember dodgy-looking crotches and my hips being squished. I remember  wearing jeans on boiling-hot days because I was worried about what people would think of me in shorts. Thankfully, my mindset has now changed!

I got these shorts during the Collectif sale. They were definitely an impulse buy as they were less than half price at the time (currently sold out). I was amazed that they actually fit, when I tried them on . These shorts are high-waisted with a front zip and they are made from stretch denim. Although the denim is stretchy enough to allow flexibility and movement, it also has enough structure to hold me in where I need it.

Short shorts_IMG_5197.jpg

I kept this look casual by teaming my shorts with a cherry Tatyana cropped blouse (currently unavailable) and raspberry-coloured Converse.

Short shorts_IMG_5213.jpg

For hair, I brushed-out my wet-set and added bumper bangs. I added a slick of Kat Von D’s Nosferatu liquid lipstick for a touch of colour.

Sometimes I think I need to worry less about what people think and wear what makes me happy! Which items of clothing have you changed your mind about?

Short shorts_IMG_5226.jpg