Afternoon Tea at Pennyhill Park


Afternoon tea is a great love of mine – I wish there was the opportunity for it every week! When I do have the time, I try to visit as many different tea rooms as possible, in order to find the ultimate afternoon tea.

Last week, I met up with two friends from my first teaching job. As it was the summer holidays, we had time to faff about with our hair and make-up before stepping out. I only really style my own hair so it was quite interesting having a go with other ladies. Jen had more of a soft, smooth style, whereas Sophie had a fun curly style.

As for me, I did my usual wet-set and added some  bright lipstick. My dress is from Tatyana Boutique (currently unavailable) and my cardigan is from Lindy Bop (currently unavailable). I love the colours and print in this outfit!



Pennyhill Park is a very elegant setting for afternoon tea, though to be honest I’m more interested in the tea and food rather than the surroundings. There’s a huge range of teas, coffees and soft drinks which are all included in the price – you can change them or have them topped up as often as you like. I had flowering osmanthus and lemon verbena.

Sandwiches included smoked salmon, cucumber, egg mayonnaise and pastrami. My favourite was the smoked salmon.The bread on all of the sandwiches was soft and delicious.


Sadly, the scones were a bit of a disappointment; they were very cotton wool-y and tasted a little too much of baking powder. Scones are normally my highlight of an afternoon tea so this was quite unfortunate. There also wasn’t enough cream for all of us – more is always best!

The cakes were absolutely beautiful; they were decorated with such attention to detail. The selection included a chocolate choux bun with earl grey cream and a raspberry macaroon, a tropical panna cotta, a strawberry and pistachio tart and a little blueberry cake. I adored the panna cotta and strawberry tart – I’d happily have them again! My only issue was the earl grey cream which was far too strong so I couldn’t eat it.


All in all, we had a really relaxed afternoon. Some elements of the food were absolutely delicious but this was by no means the ultimate afternoon tea.

Rating: 3 out of 5


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