Darlings in Dungarees: Part Two – Freddies of Pinewood

Following on from Papow’s post last week, it is now Flo’s turn to share her love of dungarees with you all…
Now as you all know I own very little in the way of trousers. Skirts, dresses, playsuits, even shorts…I have tonnes. But I would actually go as far saying trousers themselves make up less than 1% of my entire wardrobe (it’s a running joke when this pharmacist rocks up at work in a pair trousers that it must mean I am weeks, if not months, behind on my ironing. I live in dresses and skirts and I own so many of these that I could quite literally go months without having to do my laundry or ironing at all). So, it was time to try something new!

The truth of the matter is I have never had a booty and struggle to find trousers that fit at the waist without sagging at the butt. In recent years I have discovered that high-waisted, swing style trousers avoid this issue completely. In addition, when I saw Papow in her stunning repro dungarees, I adored the style and decided it was time to think about investing in a pair myself (despite my fear of shopping for such an item). With this in mind Papow helped me to come up with a plan of action. We decided to pick the brains of the team from Freddies of Pinewood at Twinwood Festival back in August 2015. These guys were great. They not only suggested several styles that would work well on my figure, they were spot on with the sizing first time and every time…just by taking a look at me!!! They even helped me out with advice on washing and caring for their garments when I got them home. So which ones did I settle on I hear you ask? The Indigo Home Companion Dungarees.

Freddies of Pinewood’s descrition:

“The same great fit as our other dungarees, but these have a special feature, a removable bib and voila! A pair of jeans!!! That’s two outfits for the price of one!! In a rich indigo denim with white stitching and four shiny buttons on the front patch pockets. These have a plastic button on the waistband which can therefore be moved for a better fit! These are proper jeans! Made from authentic 100% cotton denim, so machine washable. Just turn inside out to retain colour and wash at 30 or 40 degrees”.

These jeans retail at a price of £80, but boy are they an investment. You can see from the description above that they can in fact be worn as dungarees or as jeans alone simply by removing the bib. The high-waisted and swing trouser design avoids all of my baggy bum issues as they simply skim over my bottom, yet still nip me in at the waist. I absolutely love them.

I went for these in a size 26 (waist 66cm, hip 108cm, thigh 32cm, front rise 37cm, leg width 26cm, inside leg 82/92cm). The website has a more in-depth size chart, which I have to admit is a little confusing to a Freddies of Pinewood virgin. but if you are tempted by these, or any of the other beautiful pieces on the Freddies of Pinewood website and are lucky enough to be heading over the Twinwood Festival in a few weeks time, definitely follow my lead and head over to Freddies for a chat, they will be more than happy to help!

I’ve put together a few outfits here to show how they really are a very versatile piece for any pinup’s wardrobe. In the first set of images I went for a red theme, styling the dungarees with a red gingham shirt from George at Asda, a red polka dot hair bandana (made by yours truly), my red 3 inch waist belt from Vivien of Holloway, my nautical red cardigan from Hell Bunny, red earrings from Primark and my mini-me brooch from Lillian Madison Designs.

In the next set of images I swapped the look for a blue theme, changing into my classic white navy spot gypsy top from Vivien of Holloway, a blue polka dot bandana (again made by myself). You can see from the images that the jeans can be styled just as well with with red flats from New Look as my navy patent court shoes (also from New look). The jeans alone are just as flattering as the dungarees with the bib attached. I think you will agree it looks like an entirely different outfit completely, so well worth the £80 investment in my opinion. And if this isn’t enough to tempt you, they are also available in grey!

A useful piece of advice I picked up from the Freddies of Pinewood team is to always wash the bib with the jeans (even when you have only worn the jeans by themselves). These jeans are a dark denim and it is inevitable that the colour will fade gradually over time and with repeated washing. Washing both pieces of the garment together ensures that the jeans do not fade faster than the bib and both can continue to be worn together. Meaning you can get years and years worth of enjoyment out of this beautiful piece.

It is safe to say I am totally in love with the Home Companion Dungarees and following this purchase I hope to expand my dungaree collection further. Based on Papow’s review I am determined to invest in some Collectif denim. However I also have my heart set on the Freddies of Pinewood Grease Monkey…so if any of you have any advice on either of these please do share them with us, we would love you hear your views!

Finally, a Massive thanks again to @darktechsupport for shooting Papow and I for our dungarees blog posts…I will leave you with a few behind the scenes shots from this great day!


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