Somewhere, Beyond the Sea…Part 2

I was recently lucky enough to embark on a trip to the beautiful Canary Island of Gran Canaria. Towards the end of last year I took you through how I packed for my last beach holiday in “Somewhere, Beyond the Sea…” and so decided it would be fun to take you through each of my holiday outfits once again.

In September 2015 I very much stuck to a nautical playsuit theme and I am not going to lie, I did a LOT of shopping in preparation for that trip. Virtually everything in my suitcase was brand new. This year, however, I am totally in ‘Saving for Viva Las Vegas’ mode and so there was no way I could justify an entire new holiday wardrobe this time around. This is (worryingly) a new concept for me and yes I did pick up a few new pieces, but mainly I had to get creative here. For the daytime I recycled old beach cover ups and bikinis that I already had lurking in my wardrobe. In the evening I tried to put together existing separate from my wardrobe in new and exciting combinations. Once again you will see that nautical was still a big theme this year…but then when is it not with Flo?

Holiday Outfit 1

This nautical playsuit, I confess, was one of the very few purchases I made before I headed off to warmer climes. The summery nautical print is what really caught my eye and I was able to justify this one as it was in the Tara Starlet Sale. On holiday I teamed it with a navy bandana from Primark, my pinup sailor girl earings from a vintage market, a navy 2 inch waist belt from Vivien of Holloway and my navy wedges from F&F at Tesco.


Holiday Outfit 2

For the second night of my holiday I decided to rock my latest navy sateen Vivien of Holloway Shorts.  In a recent post (“Getting the Most out of Your High Waisted Shorts and Gypsy Tops”) I took you through a range of different pieces that these versatile shorts can be teamed with. For my holiday in Spain I still managed to find something completely different in my wardrobe to pair them with. This time it was an old Kelly Brook for New Look polka dot bustier top that I have had for 4 years. In addition, I wore my nautical hair bandana from a vintage market, nautical necklace and earings from Avon, a nautical charm bracelet from a vintage market and my navy wedges from F&F at Tesco.

 Holiday Outfit 3

For the third evening in Gran Canaria I decided it was time to try my new Tara Starlet high waisted red shorts (this was a sale item so I’m not really feeling so guilty about this investment either). I teamed these vibrant shorts with older items from wardrobe once again. Here I have another old Kelly Brook for New Look red gingham bustier top, nautical charm bracelet, red polka dot earrings and hair bandana from a vintage market, and my white wedges from Clarks.


Holiday Outfit 4

This outfit I am proud to say is ENTIRELY made up of pieces that I already had in my wardrobe. The dress is an old floral Kelly Brook for New Look piece (if you hadn’t already noticed yes I love her. Kelly please, please PLEASE bring back your vintage-inspired range). I paired this with a polka dot hair scarf from Primark, white plastic earings, a red bow waist belt from Sew Very Vintage, my nautical charm bracelet from a vintage market and my blue wedges from F&F at Tesco.


Holiday Outfit 5

Next up we have the nautical navy halter neck dress by Hell Bunny (apologies for my terrible photography skills here…why couldn’t I pack Nick in my suitcase?) Yes yes, I know this dress is in the Spring/Summer 2016 range, but I honestly picked it up at Vivi Boutique in Basingstoke towards the start of the year and it has already made a lot of appearances so it can’t really be classed as a new holiday item…as such. On holiday I put this lovely dress together with some different accessories to those that I have on previous occasions to make it feel like a new outfit entirely. Here I am wearing my blue heart print hair bandana lovingly sewn by yours truly from an old work blouse that I had destroyed in the wash (make do and mend right ladies?) In addition I am wearing my navy Hell Bunny waist belt, and red leather wedges.

 Holiday Outfit 6

For the final night of the week (and yes I had been saving this one) I wore my new two piece from Vintage Treasures in Basingstoke. And boy did I save the best until last! I simply love everything about this outfit; the red polka dots, the flouncey circle skirt, and the cheeky flash of a bit of tummy! I saw it on the VJ Vintage Facebook page a few days before I flew and I simply had to have it! I paired this beautiful outfit with an old red hair bandana from Fuerteventura, my sailor girl pin-up earings from a vintage market, and my red leather wedges. For obvious reasons I decided against adding a massive/sticky petticoat on this occasion, however I am looking forward to wearing this one again. Where do we all think I should show it off next? Retro Festival perhaps?


And there we have it, my summer holiday evening outfits! I think I did fairly well on my budget (for me at least). Plase do let me know what you think of my holiday wardrobe posts. What else would you all like to hear about? Papow and I will definitely be keeping you up to date with our holiday prep for Vegas, however any other suggestions you may have we would love to hear them!

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