Pinup Picnic In The Bar: Part 1 – Meeting and Greeting


The British Belles (a group of British pin-up darlings) organised and hosted the first Pin-up Picnic last year in 2015. Sadly due to work commitments, Flo and I couldn’t attend. However, this year both of us were free and we weren’t going to miss such an amazing event! The weather forecast had been quite changeable so the picnic was moved from the park to Kanaloa tiki bar as a tropical and pragmatic plan B.On July 2nd we hopped on the train to London with my better half, ready to awkwardly mingle, fangirl and gawp over everyone’s outfits.

I have ridiculous anxiety about being on time so we arrived half an hour early – thanks for dealing with that guys! En route to the bar, we caught glimpses of folk in gorgeous vintage pieces and we knew it wouldn’t be long until we saw them again.

The bar was near Chancery Lane tube – not a bad walk from Waterloo station either. The entire place was a tiki paradise from top to bottom, just right for this occasion (even if the lighting was a little dark).

On arrival, we found a spot where we could people-watch which is my favourite thing about big social events. It was a little strange and, at times, overwhelming to see people that you’ve been following online for years right in front of you. I’m so glad we went though because we had the chance to make new connections with so many people – those we already knew and some brand new faces too.

pinup-picnic-2016_IMG_3244.jpgAmberrosetheron: Amber is a member of The British Belles and co-organiser of the picnic. We contacted Amber before we started our blog and she gave us such valuable advice. I found it really touching that someone, who had never met us before, had taken the time to contact and support us. She was so friendly and welcoming – it was lovely to finally meet her in person. Amber is also a new mummy and runs a Retro Mummies and Pregnant Pinups page on Facebook – check it out for helpful hints and tips.

pinup-picnic-2016_IMG_3212.jpgMisspeachykeen_jellybean: Amber’s fellow British Belle and wonderful host of the Pin-up Picnic, Charlotte has been in my Instagram feed for ages. Her love of true vintage undies was the reason I first started to follow her but she also introduced me to Freddies of Pinewood and Gingermegs Vintage in Birmingham. I just had to say hello!

pinup-picnic-2016_IMG_3220.jpgMammatwohoots: A fellow lover of pin-up and vintage reproduction style – I found her through Vivien of Holloway’s Instagram and now I lust over all of her outfits!

pinup-picnic-2016_IMG_3217.jpgDontletyourteagocold: I first found Lizzie on Instagram when I was hunting around for my first proper corset. She’s a What Katie Did fan and I can totally understand why – she’s the reason I bought my ‘Vamp’ corset. She also has cracking style and voluminous hair!

pinup-picnic-2016_IMG_3241.jpgAmyblisspinup: Flo and I met Blaire during the Pin Up Academy modelling workshop last year. She has her own blog and has also written for several vintage publications. A gorgeous gal pal indeed!

pinup-picnic-2016_IMG_3205.jpgKellycupcakex and meg.c.s: I met Kelly outside of Vivien of Holloway on a huge sale day. We were all so buzzed about shopping that we didn’t really get a chance to talk properly. Fast forward to the picnic and we nattered about dresses, teaching and anything else that came to mind. I will forever be envious of her huge collection of Kitty dresses! Meg found me on Instagram after Flo and I guest-blogged for Miss Amy May. It was so strange to meet up with someone I’d only ever spoken to online but it was great to finally talk in person.

pinup-picnic-2016_IMG_3228.jpgVictoryrollsandmixingbowls: Both Flo and I follow Nicola on Instagram, however Flo’s love of sewing has turned her into quite a fangirl. Nicola runs her own Etsy shop selling her handmade clothes. Flo managed to have a good old chin wag and came back to our table with a huge grin on her face.

pinup-picnic-2016_IMG_3224.jpgEssbeedee and Holly Foster: Both Sarah and Holly are members of Most Marvellous group on Facebook. Sarah regularly shares her daily outfits and I have twinned an outfit with her on one occasion. I was so happy to finally meet! Holly was crowned Miss Vintage 2014 and she has an enviable wardrobe too.

pinup-picnic-2016_IMG_3231.jpgHaili Hughes: I first contacted Haili under her modelling name (Coco Fierce) to ask for advice about being a teacher and pin-up modelling. Haili is a fellow teacher, who dresses in vintage style full time and who has also modelled. Her advice was incredibly helpful and I follow it with every shoot. Seeing her in person, you could tell why she made a fabulous model – I’m still obsessed with that dress!

pinup-picnic-2016_IMG_3225.jpgmiss_srv: Jade is the owner of Scarlett Rage Vintage online and also in Crouch End. A lover of true vintage and classic style, she has a great eye for unique garments.I had the pleasure of picking up two dresses from her shop – I’m definitely going back. Jade was really approachable when I visited SRV and she was the exact same at the picnic.

pinup-picnic-2016_IMG_3215.jpgLipstickanddresses: Both Flo and I read Sarah’s blog. She reviews different vintage reproduction brands and she also encourages body positivity through her posts.

pinup-picnic-2016_IMG_3238.jpgKittiecostumes and Bolaobileye: Now Flo and I had never met these two before but it was wonderful to have a quick chat. We’ve now found both ladies on Instagram and both of them are very stylish!

pinup-picnic-2016_IMG_3236.jpgThe Marvelettes: Flo and I are both members of the Most Marvellous group on Facebook – a lovely bunch of vintage lovers. Here we are with several members from across the UK.

All in all, it was a very glamorous event. We got to meet loads of people and soak up the atmosphere. Both of us would love to go to a proper picnic at a later date – if only to share cake with fellow pin-up and vintage lovers!

Busy bar…
The darling @bluebirdsjunk with her adorable squishy baby!
Soaking up the atmosphere…
Yummy cocktails!

I also got snapped by Pyramid Clicks and won best smile – you can see I was grinning from ear to ear!pinup-picnic-2016_IMG_3216.jpg

Flo and I will be sharing lots of these photos on Instagram and Facebook – @cacaopapow and @florenceflounce. If you’d like to use or share any of these images,  please credit @darktechsupport as photographer and use #papowandflo.

It’s nearly a year since our blog started and I can honestly say that I have the best little team to work with – even if I’d spoken to no-one else at the picnic, I know I would have had a wonderful time with them anyway!


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