Purple Pieces – A Collaboration with Will Hutt


I’m always looking for new people to work with and, in Easter, I was lucky enough to shoot with amateur photographer Will Hutt!

We decided to go all over the place for this shoot so, with that in mind, I put together an outfit of layers so I didn’t have to change awkwardly behind a tree. Purple is one of my favourite colours so I took three key items: a purple, polka-dot Frock and Roll dress, a vintage purple dirndl skirt and a cropped black Collectif jumper.

I don’t normally layer skirts over dresses but the combination of the three worked really well together.


I decided to keep the hair and make-up for this shoot relatively simple. I just had a simple ponytail with bumper bangs, then I did simple winged eyeliner with purple liquid lipstick.

Part way through the shoot, I peeled off a layer to show off my dress from Frock and Roll and added my favourite leather jacket.


The colour of this dress is so vibrant and it’s just really easy to wear – a perfect vintage piece.


It was wonderful to work with a new photographer and I think we got some pretty fantastic results. I’m definitely going to put these pieces together again – black, white and purple work so well together. What are your favourite colour combinations?

Note: These images were taken by Will Hutt but edited by my better half.

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