Down by the River with Dolores


The Dolores Doll dress by Collectif Clothing has become a pin-up wardrobe essential over the years. I had to get my hands on one but there were so many prints and colours to choose from! I ended up going for the Atomic Flamingo print – there are so many colours in this print that you can accessorise in lots of different ways.


This dress is such a popular style for so many reasons. It’s very east to wear, just pull it on over your head and you’re done! If you want to jazz it up, you can add a belt, a petticoat and any mix of tops, cardigans or jackets. I also love that you can wear the sleeves on or off your shoulders. A dress that makes you look effortlessly gorgeous is always great to have to hand. In terms of sizing, I’d definitely size down. I’m usually a 14 in Collectif but I take a 12 in the Dolores dress.


I love how this dress fits and feels! I already have my eye on several other prints to my growing wardrobe!


A huge thank you to my better half for creating these images – you never fail to do a wonderful job!


Have any of you got a Dolores dress? How do you style it? We’d love to see!

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