Face-to-Face: Pin-up Makeup for Different Skin Types and Tones – Florence Flounce

Following on from Papow’s recent post, it is now time to take a look at Flo’s classic 1950s make-up routine, giving you an idea of some of the products you fairer ladies may wish to try!

Florence Flounce
Skin Type: Dry, sensitive, porcelain tone that is prone to the appearance of multiple freckles during the summer months…But “freckles are a sign of beauty” remember ladies? Wear them with pride!

Step 1: On a clean face, I start with some Simple sensitive skin experts kind to skin replenishing rich moisturiser. This helps prevent my face feeling tight and dry. It is also free from any perfume and I find it is one of the only things I can use on my sensitive face without breaking out in spots or redness.


Step 2: 10 minutes after moisturising I apply Lancome Teint Miracle Bare Skin Foundation Natural light creator (with SPF 15) in 005 using a foundation brush.


Step 3: Next, I use a concealer brush to apply Mac Studio Finish concealer SPF 35 in NW20 underneath my eyes and on any blemishes. I apply this in a triangular shape below my eyes, but not right up to the lower lash line. I then use my ring finger to then gently blend.


Step 4: After this I apply Mac Studio fix pressed powder in NW18 using a large powder brush. Although I have a cooler skin tone, I wear this warmer shade as I find the NC20 (cooler shade) makes me look very yellow in comparison. It is also worth pointing out that for my everyday makeup I generally skip step 2, and move straight on to steps 3 and 4 as I prefer not to wear heavy foundation every single day.


Step 5: Using an angled brush I use MAC bronzing powder in matte bronze to contour. I apply this under my cheek bones, across my hair line and under my jaw bone to either side of my chin.


Step 6: I use a rounded blusher brush to apply blusher to my cheeks – I usually blend a combination the two pink shades from the NYX Butt “Naked” eyes compact.

Step 7: I like my eyebrows dark and so use the darker shade from the Urban Decay Brown Sugar Brow Box to define these. This is a really handy little compact as it includes an applicator to apply the colour, a pair of tweezers to tame any stray hairs as well as a wax to apply should you wish the make sure your brows stay put all day long. Once I have applied the colour I use a brow brush to comb through and blend the colour.

Step 8: I use a blend of the Virgin and Sin shades from Urban Decay’s original Naked Palette as an eye shadow base, applying this to just below my brows with a standard eye shadow brush. I then use a pointed eye shadow brush to apply the Toasted shade from this same compact to line the sockets and outer corners of my eyes. I then blend the different shade with a clean eye shadow brush.

Step 9: I line the outer lower lash line with MAC eye pencil in Coffee. This is a “muted brown” and is a subtle way of defining eyes. I do my winged eyeliner using the MAC fluidline eyeliner gel and the Le Keux Cosmetics eye liner brush. For me building the colour up slowly and with patience here is of great importance. I personally fine this type of liner is the easiest for drawing fine lines with more control in comparison to a liquid liner.

20160501-IMG_1997.jpgStep 10: I apply several coats of They’re Real Mascara in Jet Black by Benefit and if it’s a special occasion I may also add a pair of fake eyelashes (not shown here).


Step 11: I line my lips with NYX retractable lip liner lip pencil in waterproof red. I then apply one coat of Avon Ultra Colour Bold lipstick in Red Extreme, blot with a tissue and repeat. A useful tip I picked up at a photo shoot is to put your finger in you mouth, seal your lips around your finger and slide your finger out…instant avoidance of lipstick on teeth!!!


Step 12: The final step in my makeup routine is to dab a little High Beam by Benefit under my brows, around the outer corner and slightly below each eye in a “C” shape to illuminate this area of my face.


Helpful Tips
If in doubt, always ask for help when matching foundation and concealer products to your skin. My skin tone is definitely a cooler rather than warmer tone, however, on experimentation there is sometimes little difference between the cool and warm shades for the shades at the lighter end of the spectrum so even if you think you are a cool tone, like me you may prefer the finish of a warmer tone. The girls on the MAC counter have been an absolute god send in the past when matching concealors and powder.

Although I am fair and my natural hair colour is dark brown, my eyelashes are actually a light brown and I find applying winged eyeliner much easier when I am lucky enough to have eyelash extensions. The contrast between the colour of the dark eyelashes and my eyelid is more pronounced and this really aids the whole process.

Hopefully I have shown you guys a slightly different pinup makeup routine for a completely different skin type and tone to that of Papow. Please do let us know what you all think. Have any of you got any tips that Papow and I have missed, or do some of you mix aspects from each of our routines? We would love to hear your views, so do drop us a line!





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