The Collectif Anoushka Coat & Cape with Sue Phelps Photography

It is now April and the weather is certainly beginning to warm up. Some of you may have already started storing away your winter pieces for the summer months. I understand the reasons for this, I really do. For those with limited space it allows one the chance to make way for your summer wardrobe, and you can hang such items in a less crammed manner and it becomes easier to see exactly what you have. I, however, still stick firmly to the principle of working my entire wardrobe all year round. Make the most of what you have ladies! I truly believe it is possible to warm up summer dresses during the winter months. On the contrary, it is possible to rock your winter items in the glorious sunshine.

So, despite the warmer spring weather being upon us, when shooting recently with the lovely Sue Phelps of Sue Phelps Photography, I didn’t think twice about bringing along a piece which some may say should be reserved for Winter only. The item, you ask? One of my beloved Collectif Anoushka Coat & Cape sets!

Back in November I purchased the Anoushka Coat & Cape in black…and then came the Collectif 50% sale and the blue and white version was just screaming at me to come and live in my closet.

Collectif themselves even place the Anoushka exclusively as a winter item:

“No winter wardrobe is complete without a fabulous cape coat… Introducing the charming and wonderfully warm Anoushka Princess Coat and Cape! This style features luxurious faux-fur lined pockets, and a chic detachable cape. The built-in hood, and the cuffs are both trimmed in matching fur, for a truly regal piece of outerwear. Get ready to stand out from the crowd in this head turner!”


Yes, the Anoushka Coat & Cape is fantastic in the winter months teamed with thick tights and winter boots. Back in December I wore the coat and cape together to visit the Bath and Winchester Christmas markets and I lost count of the number of times I was stopped by passers by to admire it and demand to know where they could pick one up themselves.

The Collectif website states that you should size up if you wish to wear plenty of layers underneath this coat, however I’m telling you now this coat is so thick and heavy and deliciously cosy, you really won’t need lots of layers underneath it to keep the chill out. Hence, I opted for my usual size. This was the right decision to make, as the coat doesn’t swamp me. Of course, this also means that should I wish to wear it during the warmer months, it doesn’t appear baggy over my thinner summery outfits! Spring forward to April and my shoot with Sue Phelps Photography and you can see this combination works just as well with bare legs and stilettos over a summer outfit. Perfect for a spring time stroll by the river I am sure you will all agree!

Because the Anoushka Coat & Cape can be worn in one of three ways; coat and cape together, or either of these on their own it really is a staple piece for your vintage wardrobe. You can create so many different looks from one simple purchase, and as I hope you can see you don’t even need to restrict it to the coldest months of the year. Looking back, Collectif appear to have released several versions of this cape and coat over the last few years and I would be lying if I were to say I don’t utter the occasional prayer that one day they will bring out a red and white version!

lastly, but by no means least, I wanted to say a MASSIVE thank you to Sue Phelps for taking these stunning shots! It was a shoot like no other (you can’t tell from the photos but throughout we were surrounded by absailing men, upside down cars, guys playing dead and a multitude of firemen). I very much enjoyed shooting with you and eagerly await future projects with both yourself and Papow!



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