The Dita Project: Month 3 Evaluation

You can read about The Dita Project here.

Month 3 of The Dita Project was all about perfume. Here is a brief round-up of how it went:

  1. Did you stick to it?

To be honest, no. I didn’t wear perfume that often.

2. Was it easy to fit in your daily routine?

Yes. However, it never really seemed important enough to stick to.

3. Did you notice any benefits?

No. I use perfume on special occasions and it just felt odd wearing it on a ‘normal’ day.

4. Were there any drawbacks?

Not really. Just something extra to remember in the morning.

5. Will you continue with this in the long term?

No. I wear perfume to make me feel special – if I wear it all the time, it loses the desired effect.

Month 4 is the month of clean eating โ€“ time to chuck out the Easter chocolate and eat more green stuff.

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