The Dita Project: Month 2 Evaluation

You can read about The Dita Project here.

Month 2 of The Dita Project was all about Dita’s daily green smoothie. Here is a brief round-up of how it went:

  1. Did you stick to it?

I’d say around six days out of seven, I managed to have a smoothie. My husband even joined me.

2. Was it easy to fit in your daily routine?

Yes. I ended up using Waitrose’s Green Smoothie Mix bag most of the time, which made the whole process much quicker. The best time for me was usually post-gym but before dinner.

3. Did you notice any benefits?

My skin looks a lot brighter and my dark circles are less noticeable. It added more fruit and vegetables to my diet.

4. Were there any drawbacks?

Not really. Though I will say this – DO NOT drink this AFTER a meal. I did this on two occasions and it was BAD. I had terrible bloating and stomach pain. It’s best to have anything fruity on an empty stomach really.

5. Will you continue with this in the long term?

Definitely. I probably won’t have it every day but a few times a week would be good. It’s been a pleasant surprise to find something new that I really like.

Month 3 is the month of perfume – I’ve dug out two bottles to pop on my dressing table.

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