Monochrome Pattern Clash with Sue Phelps Photography


This outfit is quite the departure from my usual style. Why? Well although the silhouette is in the fifties style that I love, there are absolutely no bright colours AND there’s pattern clashing!

What brought about this change in style was a new creative partnership with Sue Phelps Photography. In her own words:

I am a lifestyle portrait photographer with a huge passion for lifestyle, vintage and concept portraiture, and frequently offer my skills to help build portfolios. My approach makes everyone feel comfortable around me and my camera, so that the smiles you see in my pictures are genuine and through my work I have made many lifetime friends.
Anyone interested in a portrait photo shoot, or need help building their portfolio, whether experienced or new, please get in touch. I am usually available to shoot most weekdays with very little notice, and am able to travel to shoots. I work for pay or trade, depending on the concept, so please do get in touch.

I usually work with my husband for blog photos but we thought it would be good for me to branch out and work with other photographers. It was quite nerve-wracking meeting someone new and then flouncing about in front of their camera. However, Sue really helped me to relax! She has lots of experience as a professional photographer and it really showed during the shoot: she gave clear direction, she had a great eye for shots and she gave me lots of feedback as we shot. I really hope to work with Sue again (with Flo too).

I took along a selection of outfits for the shoot and laid them all out for Sue to look at – I like to get ideas for outfits from other people. She went straight for this mix of monochromatic pieces- a look I’ve never tried out. I ended up falling in love with the whole outfit and I will be trying out some more pattern clashing looks in the future.

Look No.1


The basic ensemble was made up of a Lindy Bop ‘Peggy’ skirt, a black Vivien of Holloway petticoat and a striped New Look ‘Bardot’ top.

For my first look, I added black Converse, a sheer black scarf (handmade by Flo) and a Lindy Bop shrug to add to the pattern clash.

For my hair, I just did an overnight wet set with my fringe rolled for bumper bangs. I’m not as skilled with hairdos as Flo is, but I was so happy with how my hair turned out. I did simple winged eyeliner and bright pink lips for my make-up.


Look No.2


For my second look,  I added a faux leather jacket, a sheer pink scarf handmade by Flo and studded ankle boots.

I simply changed my hair by pulling it back into a ponytail – I actually prefer this hairstyle!


I’d like to say a HUGE thank you to Sue Phelps Photography for these gorgeous images – I feel incredibly lucky to have been able to collaborate on this project with such a wonderful, creative woman.

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