The Dita Project: Month 1 Evaluation

You can read about The Dita Project here.

Month 1 of The Dita Project was dedicated to Pilates. Here is a brief round-up of how it went:

  1. Did you stick to it?

Over the month, I managed to get in roughly five sessions a week, so it wasn’t a daily occurrence. Most of the time I ended up doing ten minutes before work.

2. Was it easy to fit in your daily routine?

Yes and no. Before work was the best time for me, however sometimes it felt like more of a chore than something I actually wanted to do.

3. Did you notice any benefits?

My posture has improved and it helped to relieve some muscle soreness after some gym sessions.

4. Were there any drawbacks?

At times I felt it was unnecessary, especially on the days that I went to the gym. I also didn’t get the same feeling of accomplishment as I normally get after a boxing or weights session.

5. Will you continue with this in the long term?

Quite honestly, no I won’t. On days when I don’t go to the gym, I’ll probably do a session of Pilates. Boxing is much more fun for me so I’d rather do ten minutes of that every day.


Month 2 is the month of the daily green smoothie – my fridge and freezer are prepped with lots of ingredients already!

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