Wardrobe Rediscovery

As many of you know, my wardrobe is ready to burst. Next week, I’m planning on going through it and removing items of clothing I no longer wear. I was inspired by Flo, who cleared out a load of stuff over Christmas and whose wardrobe is extremely well organised. The problem for me is that my clothes are always attached to memories: I find my sentimentality gets in the way of me making an objective decision about keeping pieces in my wardrobe. With a bit of help from my other half, I’ll try to be tougher – wish me luck!

I started doing a little work on my clothing collection last weekend (aka school work procrastination). I found two vintage dresses at the back of my wardrobe – neither had been worn in over a year so out they came!

The first dress is a simple short-sleeved shift dress from a vintage stall in Camden. I fell in love with this piece because of the fabric. The background teal colour is rich and deep. The delicate butterflies in an array of different colours give loads of options for colour-matching and accessorising.


The second dress is from Vivien of Holloway. It’s not part of their repro range; it was just on a rail with other vintage pieces during a sale. The details of the dress really drew me to it: the trim, the buttons and the thin belt. Pink and black always look good together so the colour combination was definitely a winner. I’ve worn it to work and paired with Converse and a denim jacket for days out.


Have you made any wardrobe rediscoveries recently? Share your photos – let’s see what you’ve found!

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