Papow Presents: The Dita Project


This year saw the release of ‘Your Beauty Mark’ by Dita Von Teese. To put it simply, it’s a self-care and beauty bible which focuses on pin-up style glamour. Now, Flo and I strongly believe that everyone should be able to style themselves in whatever way they like; whether you want to rock jogging bottoms or a red-carpet gown – you do what’s right for you! For me though, the vintage-style/pin-up look is what I truly adore.

Reading Dita’s book, I found so many hints and tips to help achieve the pin-up look. There is also more general advice on self-care for those not necessarily into vintage-inspired looks. With this in mind, I thought I would make this year (2016): THE DITA PROJECT. Each month, I will be following one piece of advice from ‘Your Beauty Mark’ on a daily basis. At the end of the month, I’ll evaluate my experience – sharing pros and cons.


Currently, due to work commitments I find it incredibly difficult to maintain my pin-up style consistently. With the monthly challenges, I hope to work out what I can easily incorporate into my daily routine.

This is the plan for the next twelve months:

January – Daily Pilates (anything from ten minutes to a full hour)
February – Daily Green Smoothie (using the recipe from the book)
March – Daily Perfume-Wearing
April – Daily Clean Eating (80% of the time)
May – Daily Lipstick-Wearing
June – Consistently Manicured Nails (half-moon style if possible)
July – Daily Pin-Up Style Dressing
August – Daily Hair-Setting
September – Daily Lemon With Hot Water (first thing in the morning)
October – Daily Moisturising (focus on hands, legs and arms)
November – Daily Ballet-Based Exercise (same timing as Pilates)
December – Daily Winged Eye-Liner

As you can see, there is a mix of nutrition, exercise, make-up and style-based challenges. I will endeavour to complete every challenge – wish me luck with The Dita Project!


As always, Flo and I would love to hear your opinions and comments. If you’d like to join me on these monthly challenges, use #theditaproject and share your experiences with us!

Please note – this project has nothing to do with weight-loss or changing my body. The Dita Project is for me to work on my style and personal well-being. I will not be sharing measurements of any kind, I’ll just evaluate how each challenge has made me feel.

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