Twinwood Festival 2014/15 – Cacao’s Top Five Things To Do…

Well guys and dolls, it’s November. The days have become somewhat dark and dreary – I’m seriously in need of some escapism. Staring out at the rain through my window, I cast my mind back to summer and the fabulous experiences I had.

When I first got into the pin-up and vintage scene, I didn’t really know anyone else who had similar interests. Thankfully, I got in touch with Florence through Lucy (our marvellous mutual pal). Last year, Flo suggested trying out Twinwood Festival as our first proper outing. Then finally, when August came around, off the three of us went. For this first time out, we dressed up as a sailor, a rockabilly and a land girl – quite a mix!




We enjoyed the experience so much that we returned this year, with the addition of my husband – Mr Papow! Sadly, the weather wasn’t up to much on the second occasion but we still managed to have a wonderful day. Our outfits had to change; however, our spirits were by no means dampened.


There are lots of things to see and do at Twinwood Festival that you’re quite spoilt for choice. Here’s my selection of activities that I loved, when I was there.

  1. Tea, Cake and…Maybe a Little Wine

No festival would be complete without indulging in food and drink. I have to say, after some relentless shopping and walking around fields, sipping tea from vintage crockery is a real treat. The cakes are seriously delicious (especially the brownies). Also, if you need a little Dutch courage to get on the dance floor in the evening, there also several bars serving alcoholic tipples.





2. Classic Cars

I’m not a petrol-head but how could I not admire the the beauty that is a vintage automobile? Many festival-goers bring along their motors for the weekend and it’s great to be able to see these classic vehicles up close.



3. Retail Therapy

There are so many great vintage and vintage reproduction brands that are able to showcase themselves at Twinwood. We spent hours trawling through so many stalls and shops – there’s a great variety to choose from. It’s also a wonderful way to discover new brands and businesses that you’d never have heard of before.


4. Boogie Woogie

Dancing does not come naturally to me and, due to work commitments, it’s difficult to get to lessons. That all changes at Twinwood as there are so many dance classes to choose from in the day. This year,  we tried a little Collegiate Shag and learned how to do ‘The Madison’. It’s hard work but SO much fun!



5. Strut Your Stuff

The reason I loved Twinwood so much the first time was that I got to dress up as my pin-up self. It was also lovely to see so many other people in their best outfits – it felt really special. I love people-watching and getting ideas for hair, make-up and outfits too. There’s a lot of inspiration out there.




So there you have it – an insight into Twinwood Festival. I hope you get to experience it yourselves at some point!


Flo and I really enjoyed both of our Twinwood experiences – next year, we’re looking at other festivals to go to. What would you recommend?

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