Two Faces: Lipstick Trial No. 1

20150727-P1030174.jpgFlo and I love the transformative power of make-up. In these ‘Two Faces’ posts, we’ll be looking at how make-up looks on two different skin colours. Hopefully, this will help you to find products to suit you!

For our first post, we thought we’d do a brief overview of what different lipstick colours look like on us. Now Flo is an ivory princess, whereas I’m more of a warm tan colour – but both of us wear quite similar colours when it comes to clothes, accessories and lipsticks.

For the purpose of this post, we looked at three lipsticks:
1. Make-up Revolution – a pastel lavender colour.
2. Antipodes – a fresh cerise pink colour.
3. Avon – a rich ruby red colour.


Let’s kick off with the lavender lippy. Make-Up Revolution is a great budget brand; this lipstick was a pound! The price really enables you to experiment with colours that you’d never thought of trying before.

20150727-P1030152.jpg 20150727-P1030155.jpg

As you can see, on me this colour is a very light pastel shade. It’s not the easiest colour for me to wear and I’m not sure I’ll use this lipstick that much. Miss Flounce has other issues with the lipstick. The colour seems darker on her skin tone. Also it seems to wash her out – not great!

Next, we move on to pink. I received this lipstick as part of my subscription to Glory Days magazine. Unlike Make-Up Revolution, this is a premium brand.

20150727-P1030158.jpg 20150727-P1030156.jpg

I love how fresh the colour is. This is already one of my go-to lipsticks, so I know it suits me! Flo is much happier with this colour; it brightens up her complexion.

Last but not least, we focus on red. Flo seems to have hundreds of Avon lipsticks and this is one from her collection. This brand falls between Antipodes and Make-Up Revolution in terms of price.

20150727-P1030160.jpg 20150727-P1030159.jpg

As pin-up enthusiasts, both of us have an extensive range of red lipsticks (you can never have too many!). This is a rich ruby red and I think you’ll agree, it suits the pair of us.

Remember – these are OUR views and opinions. Your face is your own and you choose what you do with it!

Keep an eye out for other ‘Two Faces’ posts. What would you like to see?

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