Frock&Roll (aka My Happy Place)


I’ve not always been into vintage clothing but I have always loved dressing up – even to my lectures during my gruelling PGCE. A fellow student noted this fact and recommended visiting Frock&Roll Vintage in Reading; a dangerous wonderful suggestion.


Roughly a ten minute walk from Reading town centre, Frock&Roll Vintage is located on Watlington Street (near the old part of the Royal Berkshire Hospital). It can be a real jaunt to have travel further afield for quality vintage; the shop’s location is so convenient. I have regularly visited Frock&Roll Vintage since my PGCE in 2011 – it’s my go-to for a good mooch.


These are the reasons why I keep on running back for more:
. Quality clothing (clean, pressed and in good condition)
. Real vintage
. A wide range of eras (from the 20s to the 90s)
. Sizing (a label gives me a rough idea of what I can get into)
. Affordable prices (sale rail items can be as low as £5; evening dresses can go up to £60)
. Weekly picks on Facebook (this can also cause me to buy much more than I need!)
. Great customer service

Ali – the amazing owner!

The shop is run by Ali, who I managed to get a quick interview with:
Papow: Where do you source your clothing?
Ali: We source from all over: wholesale, house clearances, auctions and anywhere else.
P: What make Frock&Roll different from other vintage shops?
A: We try to keep our stock varied at reasonable prices – without compromising quality.
P: What are your most popular items?
A: Younger customers tend to go for casual styles – denim or nineties style items. Other customers go for a mixture, depending on their personal style. Classic fifties and sixties dresses are always popular; they just evoke nostalgia.
P: What would you recommend for a first-time customer?
A: Look for something that catches your eye and try it on. Don’t close your mind and don’t be daunted.

Er…why is this not my size?



These are some of the pieces from my, now quite extensive, Frock&Roll Vintage collection:



Being a terrible lovely wife, I suggested my husband should try a vintage-inspired look over his usual uniform of black. Here are the results:


What do you think? My favourite is the brown, though it’s odd seeing him out of black clothing.

As you can tell, I am a huge fan of this place. If you are new to vintage or a retro expert, pop into Frock&Roll Vintage – I love it!

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