You Could be a Part-Time Model…

This year in April, we took part in our first joint pin-up photo shoot at The Le Keux Vintage Salon. We had no idea what would happen next…

After we’d asked for our images to be edited, I was contacted by Creative Director Diablo Rose about using our photographs for some promotional materials for Le Keux Cosmetics. Once we had stopped screaming with joy and calmed ourselves down, we jumped at the chance and said YES! Both of us were so flattered to be asked; it’s fantastic to be part of an industry we adore for a brand we love.

Here are the results:

Le Keux Cosmetics Intro square

Le Keux Cosmetics - Whistle Bait Banner

Le Keux Cosmetics All Brushes Intro square

Hair and make-up: Le Keux Vintage Salon and Le Keux Cosmetics
Images: Le Keux Vintage Salon
Image Editing: Diablo Rose for Le Keux

We will be writing about our experiences with Le Keux Vintage Salon in later posts.

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