The Circle Skirt

The circle skirt…in my opinion the most flattering item in any vintage girl’s wardrobe (or perhaps I should say ‘wardrobes’).

I’ve always been a lover of bold bright colours, polka dots, stripes and nautical designs; monochrome and patriotic red/white/blue being my absolute favourites. For years I naturally swayed towards high street shops, where I could pick up such pieces and I always inadvertently chose items that gave a nod to all things yesteryear. It wasn’t until my first trip to Vivien of Holloway that my love of reproduction vintage clothing (in fact my love of all things vintage) really sprung into action. It was here that I picked up my very first circle skirt.


And what versatile items of clothing they are…one can create such an array of outfits with only one or two of these wardrobe staples (although why stop there?). Completely different looks can be created with or without the addition of a petticoat, dressed up with heels for an evening look or down with pumps or Converse – perhaps for dancing. Deeper tones with the addition of tights can be used in winter, while going bare-legged with some seasonal espadrilles may be chosen in summer. The addition of a belt really nips in any waist and creates such elegant feminine curves.


For a recent photo shoot Papow and I decided to go with a summery nautical theme and so naturally I headed stright to Vivien of Holloway! I decided to team their Navy Sateen Circle skirt with a Red Anchor Halterneck top, white petticoat and 2″ white belt.

20150627-IMG_0008.jpgIf lucky enough to be paying the shop on Holloway Road a visit, you will find the staff to be absolutely lovely and will help you with your measurements. If, however, ordering online, the size guide is also useful. In the past, I have found that I can switch between sizes of the same style dress or skirt depending on the material, so the contact us form on the website is my best friend when I’m ordering online. All my questions relating to size, stretchiness of the fabric and even colour matching between seperates are answered in a timely manner.

With such a wide range of 1950s-style circle skirts on offer at Vivien of Holloway…I’m sure it won’t be long before I head back to add to my collection!


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